Staffordshire Well Being Show
The Mind Body and Soul Experience
13 + 14 August 2022
Staffordshire Show Ground
Weston Road

ST18 0BD

Wine tasting Experience

Tavi’s ‘Wine is Wellbeing’ workshop is held during the Staffordshire Show at 1:00 pm Saturday and Sunday ~ £5.00

Many of you know Tavi as The Hempman. But few of you know he is one of the Uk’s most respected wine experts! He works with people in the catering industry to redefine their wine lists! He helps people to choose the best wines for specific occasions, and he can also be found at The Wine Collage where people are taught about the many aspects of wine.

Tavi: LizianEvents Ltd

Tavi ~ Your Wine Is a Wellbeing Host.

Those interested in wine or would like to learn how to appreciate wine will find this one-hour Wine is Wellbeing Experience simply fantastic. Tavi will demonstrate how to look at wine in the glass and taste the grape to allow the flavours greater appreciation.

Tavi’s suggestions will save you a fortune when planning events or parties. He’ll suggest why sparking is good for starters and what is best for the dishes on your menu. Learning about grapes and the quality of the process will also help buyers choose the better value and higher quality bottles.

grapes on vineyard during daytime

Learn About Different Grapes

Although the Wine is Wellbeing Experience lasts for about an hour, attendees will leave with a natural feeling of accomplishment. No one can become an expert in an hour. However, knowledge can be planted for the rest of one’s life. What can be better than talking about a subject with authority founded on expertise to friends and family? And this is one of the objectives Tavi wishes to accomplish during the tasting.

So, if you are already a wine connoisseur or wine novice, this wine tasting experience is for you. You will be learning about wine and the primary grapes used in wine fermentation, how to judge wine from first glance and then how to test wine to best savour the flavour. You will learn about selecting the best quality wine at the best prices and what grapes suit certain occasions or dishes.

clear wine glass

Learn How to Taste and Savour Wine

And, of course, some bottles of wine will be available at Tavi’s stand after the seminar. He will also be available to talk further about wine during the weekend’s event. This is a genuinely magical additional aspect to the Well Being Brand, and it is sure to become a regular part of our events calendar.

The ‘Wine is Wellbeing Experience’ cost is just £5.00! What better way to enjoy a memorable moment?

Tavi’s Wine Tasting Book

If you like wine, it is perfect for your bedside table or downloading onto your phone or tablet. And remember, a published and well-recognised book is always evidence of a knowledgeable individual! And here is the link to Tavi’s excellent book on wine tasting and wine-tasting shortcuts!

For more information about ‘Wine is Wellbeing’ and to listen to Tavi’s passion for quality wine, you can watch this LizianEvents Facebook Live broadcast. Tavi talks about his work, qualifications and years of experience in the wine trade.

Foot Note:

As many of you will know, we bring many new ideas and people into the Well Being Shows. After all, being a Well Being is holistic, and The Well Being Brand is becoming seen as unique. The evolutional journey has taken many years to develop, and we can see the seeds of the original plan are now growing into a garden of wellbeing experience.

Many exhibitors failed to see our objectives. They see rooms full of the visitor as evidence of a successful event. But those who have built the shows and seen the possibilities attract exemplary Visitors, those who are interested in holistic health and wellbeing. It is not numbered. It is QUALITY which counts. Visitors to Lincolnshire Well Being Show see the changes and meet the new Community Members. They will know the difference. Part of the original plan was to bring in new and diverse exhibitors, not by sending out emails and canvassing people who stand at other events, but by constantly promoting our work and bringing awareness to a broader audience. The word organic is so important: people see the Well Being Brand and, seeing it is different and progressive, choose to be part of the quality event.

And so we bring in the changes. With care, we begin to grow with a broader appeal. Specialist food vendors are becoming part of the experience, and now we bring wine to the shows.

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