Thanks for the unprecedented support and kind comments made after publishing my previous Reiki Thoughts articles. Several people have asked if I continue to attune students. The answer is no. My business and personal commitments at this time do not allow me to make the needed commitment to trainees.

All of us need healing for a lifetime. The issue can be mental or physical, and Universal Life Force Energy (ULFE) plays a part. Critics could suggest that ULFE is the same as a placebo effect in drug trials. And who can definitively prove otherwise? Those who believe and intuitively know there is more than a placebo effect. Some health professionals are acknowledging the potential of complementary healing. And as already mentioned, hospitals are employing Reiki and alternative practitioners in America and Europe.

The technique is simple, and during this series of articles, I have written that ULFE can be sourced simply by thinking about the potential. Even reading this article could have resulted in healing taking place. And why not? We can enter a building and sense something amiss or positive. We can feel safe, happy, enlightened or uncomfortable when meeting a new person. And I believe when we allow ourselves to focus on an almost telepathic gift, the awareness is heightened.

The concept of ULFE has existed for centuries. It is an idea which does not seem to be quashed. Generations of sensitive people have come to explore and connect to ULFE from their perspective or experience. I have met people with extraordinary personalities or the ability to influence before words are spoken. There is no explanation. Feelings of trust and security emanating from their being. When people come to Well Being Shows, the visitor repeatedly comments about the venue’s ‘feeling’ or ‘vibes’. In this instance, I also comment that magic happens when tens of people with the same purpose come together. And that magic is activated by the unified and positive intention.

Self Healing

During life, there are times when we become unwell. And there is plenty of evidence that illness begins with being in harsh environments. Poor work, home or relationship environments can, at first, be coped with. Still, if the barrage of negativity persists, the effect turns from simple agitation to physical manifestation of illness. How often have we listened to the phrase ‘You’re making me ill’ – ‘The job is making me sick’ – ‘my body can no longer cope with this situation?’ And, as we suspect, the seed of illness are set. And again, I can write health professionals acknowledge the connection between stress and either mental or physical condition.

So if the chain of events is the poor environment, feelings of anxiety and then illness, why should we not explore the connection? I suggest that even working or living in a hostile environment can be sensed by the body’s vibrational resonance. The electromagnetic system is part of physical function. We are electro-chemical beings ( read this article ). I feel ULFE can positively rebalance the fields and help return us to health.

And there is no need to discover where the rebalance is needed because ULFE is holistic and strengthens and repairs the whole body. I am also suggesting that our minds and psychological well-being are rebelled by focussing on the potential of ULFE.

The idea is that the poor or hostile environment most times cannot be changed. However, our mental and physical being can be influenced to self-heal and become stronger. Therefore, when one sits in a quiet room or place and thinks about the possible potential of ULFE and practices this meditation for a few minutes each day, small, subtle and effective changes occur.

With long-term practice comes a deep understanding of becoming stronger and coping with adverse situations that cause anxiety, depression and illness. And if you have read through this series of articles, it is possible to sense and use ULFE to your advantage; the more the individual centres on self-healing exercise, the better the effect. If the recovery is a placebo, all is well and good. Still, after years of watching and talking about the process, I am sure there is something more helping with the healing process.

Of course, there are times when health professionals work miracles. We know this to be accurate and must acknowledge the fantastic work done to cure the most dreadful illnesses. We should never ignore symptoms indicating sickness and seek a professional opinion. However, I am suggesting we can complement the recovery and strengthen our resistance to the effects of poor and adverse environments using ULFE.

Self-healing comes through belief and practice. I suggest that many who believe or hope for a positive outcome fail to gain results and those who focus on the concept of Universal Life Force Energy are advantaged. And there will be critics who immediately comment ‘the answer is in the word belief’, inferring that self-healing has nothing to do with external energy. It is a positive attitude and belief in the process which has the effect.

With everything to gain and nothing to lose, why not explore the possibilities of self-help alongside, if necessary conventional medicine? And a weekly or daily half-hour meditation on the concept and possible benefits of using ULFE could well open the potential of becoming a conduit of the energy to help others. I will write about this next week.

Liz Clark

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