LizianEvents Live With Anita Denise

Enjoy this super recording of the LizianEvents Facebook Live with Anita Denise. She talks of her mediumistic ability and animal communication. The show had a significant audience interaction who unanimously asked Anita to return for another show.
Enjoy the recording:

More about Anita here:

I was born in East London and now live in Essex in the South East of England.

As a little girl, I would frequently get messages from Spirit. I remember standing in my Mum’s kitchen one day, I must have been about 4 years old, and I saw a small girl from Spirit, dressed in Victorian clothing. My Mum would always tell me that I had a strong imagination! I always had a strong intuition and an inner knowing that things would happen.

At a low point in my life, a friend suggested I go for a healing session, I found it to be very profound, and my journey of healing started from this point, as it changed my life. When I felt better, I wanted to give something back, so I trained to be a healer. Whilst I was doing this, my mediumship ability got more robust, so I took the path to develop this.

I studied at The Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, where I am now an approved Healer and a member of the SNU (Spiritual National Union). I have continued to develop my awareness of Spirit over many years and am now a qualified master’s teacher for the Lisa Williams School.   I have also received my PAS – Platform Accreditation Scheme from the SNU, and I am working towards my CSNU (Certification Spiritual National Union) accreditation.

Working with the spirit world is my true passion, and I have worked as a professional Psychic Medium, Healer for over 15 years.

For me, everything is always about healing – helping others to heal emotionally & physically, providing a healing message, assisting in the healing of relationships & trauma & even helping your furry friends to heal.

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