Thank you for the fantastic responses to my previous articles. Many of you can consider those different ways of approaching aspects of Universal Energy Healing warrants consideration. In the interest of fairness, I have received two comments questioning the validity of the articles. I wholeheartedly accept there will be people who have followed a specific healing path for years and are reticent to change their methodology. From my perspective, everything I do has to have an element of evolution, which inevitably means considering different ways of approaching established ideas. I am determined to make alternative and complementary therapy easy to understand, work with, and appeal to a broad spectrum of people. There is no inference that established methods of alternative healing practice have no use! We know clients will always work with those they intuitively feel draThroughout the previous articles, I suggested considering becoming a conduit of Universal Healing Energy, and one can help oneself or others. wn to.


We can easily search for Reiki symbols, their meaning and their use. And there seems little point in paraphrasing the thousands of words already written about these intriguing aspects of tsoeself or others. As Universal Healing Energy works where needed, one does not have to diagnose. The force works.

However, there is an aspect which can help to isolate where one prefers the energy is used. The following method has attained some exciting results. And I would ask you to try the idea for yourself. One distinct advantage is that the concept means the practitioner connects on a deeper level than expected. The premise is that your mind imagines a pictorial representation of where you’d prefer to send the Universal Healing Energy. I recommend adopting the symbolism to suit your mindset. You are tuning into the right frequency the same way the radio is tuned. Let’s consider the idea of using images.

planet earth

Here we see the image of planet earth. When we consider the potential of Universal Healing Energy in combination with this image, the idea is to heal Mother Earth! We consider the environment and all living creatures.

We can also think about sending healing across the world through remote healing, love and kindness. There is no limit to the possibilities of this healing practice.

I would also consider the colours brown and green as compatible with this healing meditation.

person holding a cardboard banner with what now written on it

This image depicts questioning and, to some degree, mental anguish. The image questions and is seeking answers to possibly insurmountable issues. Although many would comment Healing Force cannot heal mass conflict, the suggestion here is healing the mind. And healing the mind infers clear thoughts and the ability to dispel negative suggestions.

In earlier articles, the reader is reminded of the mind-body connections of poor health. This aspect of healing is valid in today’s conflicting environments.

Colours worth considering are different shades of blue representing the issue’s intensity.

white and black wall paint

Emotional discord limits millions of people’s happiness, well-being, and health. All of us have encountered emotial pain and the resulting long-term problems. Often the knock-on effects of a break-up or bereavement mean we have to carry surrounding family members. And even though they see an external strength, the inner being goes through pain as great as any physical disorder.

Colours worth considering are shades of red, from pink to crimson.

crop black doctor checking up of patient

The image evokes illness on a physical level. This aspect of healing is very much complementary, not alternative. Universal Healing Energy goes where it is needed, and there is no need for diagnosis. Indeed, we are not qualified to do so. Do not guess! When we are asked to help someone suffering from illness, we suggest focusing on helping with pain and support.

The colours are blue, pink, and green.

photo of woman wearing white shirt

The spiritual quest is one of listening and meditation. How many times do we ask for silence from the outside world? Universal Healing Energy can help with self-healing, intuition, and spiritual vision. Many equate the potential of healing with the power of love.

Could we ask for a ‘clean slate?’ Why not? The power of love has no boundaries, and it is limitless. One can still the mind simply by asking for stillness and healing of confusion and hurt. The flow of healing energy allows us to enjoy a clearer perspective on life and align one’s whole being with The Universe, where all the answers await discovery.

Colours for consideration are violet, magenta, purple


When associative symbolism is considered, we learn that symbolising an intention results in a greater understanding of the process. And results in better and more consistent outcomes. The lesson here is remarkable because when one formulates a personal symbolism system. The intuition is heightened. Do not be surprised if you meet with a stranger at some stage and a symbol comes to mind. And there may be accompanied images or colours. The association and symbols mean there is no need for dialogue. You are being guided to the person’s needs.

Healing and symbolism are associated with ‘connecting’ beyond words. Do not underestimate the simplicity of this magical ability. What is considered here is a telepathic rapport. In an earlier paragraph, I wrote: One distinct advantage is that the concept means the practitioner connects on a deeper level than expected. The premise is that your mind imagines a pictorial representation of where you’d prefer to send the Universal Healing Energy. You now take this further and realise that sometimes, when working with Universal Healing Energy, the rapport becomes two-way. And it is entirely possible to see the images change within the mind.

You could see an image of emotional pain, and then the image slowly changes to one of relief and respite. In time you learn to change the images at will, either for yourself or someone who has chosen to work with you. Do not underestimate the potential of an almost magical and potent healing process.

Liz Clark

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