Tuesday Review ~ Newcastle Well Being Show

Newcastle Well Being Show. LizianEvents Ltd

This is the first and most basic of the show review. Everyone now knows we had an absolutely superb event at the Newcastle Race Course. Our extensive email list has really paid dividends. And the local leaflet drop and social media promotions had the desired effect.

But more important is the reputation of the LizianEvents Exhibiting Community. The Well Being Brand is established as a unique and special group of people who are focussed on Visitor enjoyment of the shows. I make no excuses for writing that without those who moan and gripe, The Well Being Shows have become a recognised brand with a brilliant identity. The people who stand at a Well Being Show know the importance of big smiles, no phones and positive interaction.

So, how did the weekend work? Saturday started busier and people stayed all day. Sunday enjoyed a massive queue at the door and a steady stream of Visitors zoomed through the door until about 14:30. Most people who were already in the venue stayed until closed at 16:00 and then the trouble started! It was difficult to close the show! People did not want to leave. Was this really an issue? Not really, the situation was a reflection on the success of the event.

Every talk was fully subscribed, with most having the audience sitting around the presenter. We’ll address this situation in 2023. However, it is fair to write, that not one of the hundreds of people who watched the presentations thought this was an issue. We’ll thank all of the presenters who took time from their stalls to talk of their skills, life stories, products and gifts.

I’ll complete this short review with a few images taken at this superb event.

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