After a conversation with Mel Foot after the Newcastle Well Being Show, I wondered how far off the original plans for the nature of the events we had strayed. We have an incredible archive of articles (over 2000), and I felt sure there would be one which reflected earlier times. And here is one published in January 2019. I feel the Community understood the message and four years later, we are still on the right path.

The Key Word is Community: 

We are a community-driven organisation. This means when Community Members become part of a show; they are committing to work in unison with everyone involved in the event. Be confident this ‘subtle’ difference makes the ‘difference’. Consider The Community Ethos as a psychological powerful bond which strengthens every Inspirational Well Being Show you attend.

Over the years, ‘exhibitors’ have joined and left: they did not ‘see’ the advantage of Community Connection. Others expected too much from the shows believing they were about to enter a goldmine of wealth. Our work is to connect Visitors to Community continually. And the idea of insisting on a well-balanced and fair method of organising each show means carefully appraising every proposition. Remember, we (LizianEvents Organisers) are not the event. Community Members and Visitors make every Inspirational Well Being Show.

The country is saturated with events of all genres – mbs, wellbeing, lifestyle etc. Some are massive events in every way, venue, seminar list, retail exhibitors and entry fee. Many are small and not so well attended. This organisation has zero interest in the work of other businesses. Our objective is to grow in strength and integrity, which will always take time.

Some people understand the implication of Community Commitment. When we write about being a Community Driven Organisation the sentiment is factual. People who join in with an Inspirational Well Being Show know we work tirelessly for their benefit. We are recognised as Community Driven Events. There is no other Community based Well Being organisation.

Visitors feel the vibes of the connection during the events. And because of this, Visitor attendance for each show is growing. One of our objectives is to increase Visitor awareness of our ethos and mission is succeeding. Visitors are encouraged to ‘take possession of every event. After all, without The Community and Visitors, the Show would not exist.

The choice is to have three fantastic venues and hold bi-yearly Inspirational Well Being Shows at each Venue. Every site has unlimited free parking. Carparks are less than a minute’s walk from the door. The standard of food and facilities is world-class. And the sites are within easy reach of all motorway networks. A Visitor can drive from London to Nottingham in two hours, and many travel long distances to be part of our Well Being Shows.

Attending Community Members have a wide range of skills and expertise. Yes! We still have the traditional ‘spiritual counsellors’ because many Visitors enjoy a consultation. There are many alternative and complementary practitioners. And of course a balanced range of retailers. In 2018 we noticed mainstream health professionals were interested in the Inspirational Well Being Shows. Integration of health and wellbeing professionals is a trend encouraged because, after all, health and well-being are the core of our foundational design.

The focus is to attract more experts in mindfulness, sleep, relaxation and meditation. We are also dedicated to promoting all who work in both physical and mental health fields. And we offer extensive talk facilities to people who feel they have a message to give to Visitors. 

Talks are an essential aspect of The Inspirational Well-Being Shows: Community Members are encouraged to give a well-presented talk.

The benefits of talks are many:

Visitors will choose to listen to a specific talk; therefore, the presentation has a dedicated audience. And in turn, if the talk is enjoyed, they will return to future events.

The talk connects exhibitors and customers.

A good presentation leaves an excellent impression on the audience.

Being in a one-to-one situation with your audience is one of the most fantastic experiences. Once you get the habit, you’ll never look back.

Contact us if you need help and advice with your talk, and we’ll get you on the right track.

Do you wish to talk at The Inspirational Well-Being Shows? Contact us for details.

Why Become a Community Member?

If you consider yourself unique and dedicated to your work and future: the Inspirational Well-Being Shows are for You. If you are here for the long-term and wish to build a future with a unique Community-driven organisation: the shows will work for you. If you wish to take advantage of the certainty, the Shows are considered superb Visitor experiences. And Visitors are returning time and again. The Inspirational Shows are for you.

We are not the most prominent single show. However, suppose you see your Inspirational Well-Being Shows as connected. In that case, the Inspirational Well-Being Shows have a fantastic dynamic (a dynamic is a system or process characterised by constant change and evolution). The connection between the Community and Visitors is throughout the year. You can connect with thousands of people over the twelve months if you choose to contribute to the LizianEvents News. And as the awareness of The Inspirational Well-Being Shows increases, the potential for your business, therapy, insight or message increases.

The Inspirational Well-Being Shows are The Visitor’s and Community’s events. They will grow into forests of wisdom, knowledge and understanding. We are here to stay and grow like mighty oaks of strength. Why else would we book our venues on five-year agreements?

The Inspirational Well Being Shows are YOUR shows. And because of your involvement, they will become acknowledged as gatherings of like-minded people whose common purpose is to live a free life and prosper as Well Beings.

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