5 + 6 November 2022
The Lincolnshire Well Being Show

Mind Body and Soul Experience
The Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

90+ Attending Community Members
60 Talks and Presentations
Live Stage and Presentations

The Epic Centre

A Superb Well Being Experience

This event is now in its fifth year. Building from humble beginnings, the Lincolnshire Well Being Show is acknowledged as one of the finest events of this type. The Epic Centre venue is designed as an eco-centre. Built mainly from recycled materials, heated with heat exchangers, and insulated with straw panels and a grass roof, the building fits in perfectly with The Well Being Brand. Visitors and the Community adore the grace and space of this Epic Centre of Well Being.


There is unlimited outdoor space for free parking. And a large catering facility and dining area mean there is every reason to visit The Well Being Show. You will not be concerned about the comfort of your stay. The exhibition area is vast and airy: precisely the requirement for all visitors’ security. In this building, we can provide space between stands and ensure the best practice for the future safety of all participating in the event.

Six Separate Talk Rooms

The upstairs (Yes! there is a lift) talks and presentation rooms are light and airy. Each room has its own large presentation screen, and many have powerful projectors. The rooms are acoustically designed for incredible clarity of presentation. Five rooms are used for talks, and the fifth can be used for Yoga or meditation. Being eco-friendly, all are warm and comfortable.

Yoga Studio

The Epic Centre has a very large and well-appointed room that will be dedicated to Yoga. Anyone who would love to become involved in Yoga has a real opportunity at this event. Unique Yoga group sessions are for all: from experienced to novices, all are welcome. Philip Burgess will be running The Yoga Studio. Those who practice Yoga will love the Yoga Studio, and Philip is a remarkable man with many years of experience.

The Well Being Show

Visitors will enjoy the presence of nearly 100 attending Community Members. The vast range of products – services – holistic therapies – and a range of spiritual counselling means a weekend Well Being Happiness awaits every Visitor. What is on offer? Here are a few examples:

Talk Schedule

No Well Being Show is complete without the talk schedule. And The Lincolnshire Well Being Show’s list of talks and presentations exceeds any show of this type in the UK. Of course, the extensive talk rooms and facilities proved the platforms for the vast range of lectures. Subjects as wide-ranged as herbal remedies, pain control, meditation, yoga, and past life regression, are considered over the weekend. Many Visitors come to the event to listen to the fantastic range of presenters. Steven Blake Oldpain2Go – Peter Wall Clinical hypnosis – Darren Stanton Televisions favourite psychologist – Buckso Dhillon television and film actor – Alan Wood of Native American Traditions – Jane Osbourne, the UK’s top past life regressionist are only a few of the nationally recognised experts in their field. And the traditional mediumistic demonstrations close each day – Barrie John never fails to captivate his audience.

Stage Area

Visitors love the stage area: All-time favourites Iza Moon and Claudine West provide some music and Don and Carol Harradine demonstrate Tai Chi throughout the day. Next to the stage area is a safe and secure activity area. Children are welcome at every Well Being Event and can create to their heart’s content.

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