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Kirstie Wood attends all The Well Being Shows. She is a consummate professional loved by The Community and Visitors: The reason is her personality and the quality of her stall presentation. Success is hard-won; it is not discovered in wishes and hope. Success is the result of hard work and dedication. And Kirstie has mountains of these two assets.

Kirstie Talks About Her Amazing Business in the video below:

When customers buy one of Kirstie’s products, they can be confident they possess an ethically sourced product. If you live by moral and spiritual ideas: it is comforting to know the gifts and products you buy are helping people who are less fortunate than yourself. When purchasing from ‘Ethically Gifted,’ the certainty is the sources are checked for the integrity of their claims of ethical manufacture.


Customers can buy anything from a one-pound box of incense to a thirty-pound item of clothing. Kirstie has an eye for bright and vibrant colours and unique products. It is always worth spending some time at the Ethically Gifted stall as there are many ‘hidden treasures’ hiding on the laden shelves. If you are looking for a unique and well-made product, make sure you seek out Ethically Gifted during your visit to The Well Being Shows.

Read Kirstie’s Introduction:

Hello, friends!

My name is Kirstie Wood, and I own and run ‘Ethically Gifted’ – a retail business I started in 2011.  After a 20-plus year career in corporate marketing – very rewarding but highly pressured – I decided it was time to branch out independently.

I wanted to combine my passions for doing my bit to protect our planet, supporting people in need worldwide and encouraging people to buy ethical products when possible – and leave the mass-produced tat on the supermarket and department store shelves!

As I continue to grow the business, I can support more worthwhile causes and ethical organisations both on my doorstep and across our wonderful world.  At the same time, working for myself has enabled me to achieve a more balanced life, so I genuinely love what I do and do what I love!

I’m excited to be part of the LizianEvents community.  You will always be greeted at my stall with a genuine, happy welcome, and you’ll discover a treasure trove of wonderful ethical gifts, handicrafts, and accessories.  I hope you enjoy browsing (and buying!) my products as much as I enjoy finding them.  They are all handmade with skill and passion by talented people, fair trade artisans, and ethical producers worldwide, including the UK.  So, when you buy from me, you are helping to make a real positive difference to people’s lives, communities, and the environment.


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