Hello Everyone,

We have had our ups and downs, a few setbacks, and many successes. My spreadsheet tells me we have worked with 141 Community Members this year. Already many have booked for all shows in 2023. Well, that’s the show calendar fulfilled for another year.

We have made a decent profit over the year. Therefore Ian and I have chosen to invest in the Staffordshire Well Being Show, and consequently, we will offer subsidised table fees for this event. Regardless of the setbacks Stafford endured in 2022. With time and investment, the event can become a whopping success. So, watch out for the announcement.

I’m pleased with the outcome of The Derek Acorah Memorial Award. Not so everyone! Many contestants have received frightening correspondence from an individual who has decided to report the proceedings to Nottinghamshire Police! In due course, all participants will receive a clear action plan in reply to the individual’s defamatory statements. None should worry about the situation. We have explicit legal instructions about the Pure Spirits Ltd directors position, and you can be confident we will openly publish the feedback from the authorities who have become involved. I can write without reservation. No one engaged in the Derek Acorah Memorial Award should be concerned about the correspondences received this week.

I have been asked about the data received from the nominees and their beautiful words of recommendation. You can be sure we have complied with Data Protection Law and have deleted your names, references and all other data supplied. We performed the same task for the 2021 award. The nominations were emailed to us for the selection of candidates and for no other purpose. Therefore, under the regulations of the Data Protection Act, the correspondences and emails are deleted. No one will receive unsolicited emails from our organisation. We do not trawl for emails and personal data.

Christmas and Yule

And now I have some busy weeks ahead. I had to rise early this week to begin sorting and packing the advent bags, crystal gift bags, and Christmas gift hamper boxes. I can guarantee anyone who buys one of my gift bags, or present boxes will be STUNNED by the value for money of the Christmas promotional boxes. I have already had feedback from people who have collected their purchases. After reading the contents lists and the value, three people have reordered!

Buying Crystal Presents?

LizianShop has enjoyed a fantastic year of trade. So, shop around and look at other prices in Nottingham or further. Visit us last! Because I’m returning my customer’s faith and commitment to my crystal and incense business in December. Please make no mistake. I desire all customers to have plenty of money left over after buying crystals, silver jewellery, incense, and unusual gifts. And if you desire something like singing bowls, send me an email for prices. Anything unique and pre-ordered will have an exceptional price. If you love angels, be prepared for unbeatable prices! And I’m going to offer a 3+ kilo quartz skull at a breathtaking price. And why am I doing this? Because I can!

I’m also offering five ‘Magic Boxes” the price will be £300, and the contents will be worth at least £600. Yes, I know £300 is a high figure, and you’ll take a chance, but the contents will be superb. Why am I doing this? Because I can! And here is the reason…

I listen to many people who are worried about the present financial situation. Many know I understand and live the values of giving and receiving. I’ve enjoyed the most beautiful year of prosperity. Not only material, but I am also blessed with a fantastic and happy personal life surrounded by a great and diverse, and successful family and, in my work environment, supportive friends and colleagues. Why should I not give back some of the many blessings I encounter daily? I know for sure I am blessed.

I intend to return the blessings I receive every day of my life…

So, I thank you all for the kindness, support and faith in our endeavours. You are terrific, and the Community you have built is beyond our initial expectations for our original plans and subsequent endeavours.

Liz Clark
MD LizianEvents Ltd

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