2023 looks like it will be an excellent year for our events. The Well Being Brand Shows are already well subscribed, as are the Pure Spirit Mind Body and Spirit events.

Thank you to all who have supported the 2022 shows. We have continued to grow in size and quality. Many recognise that Community based events are worth supporting and offer security and success. Yes, those who join the Community have to commit to the shows, but in the long term, the commitment pays off. Visitors attend our Well Being events because of the consistency. Consistency in the quality of stands, products, therapies and services attracts regular and new visitors.

We are a unique and well-established brand. The Well Being Shows are recognised for great venues, organisation and the undoubted asset of being Community-based. Is it any wonder the interest in the events is growing yearly? And we see no reason why this trend should not continue.

So, we look forward to a bright and prosperous 2023. Visitors can expect the usual high standards and quality of the Well Being Brand. We welcome you to a new year of Well Being Happiness.

2023 dates and venues

Well, Being Shows:

3 + 4 June
4 + 5 November

4 + 5 February 
2 + 3 September

Newcastle upon Tyne
22 + 23 April
23 + 24 September

29 + 30 April
12 + 13 August

Pure Spirit Events:

10 + 11 June
25 + 26 November 

The bookings are already very brisk for these events. If you have an interest in standing, use the email link below:

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