Sorry for the late post of gratitude. So many things were happening this week that we could hardly breathe. However, there is one certainty, no one who attended last weekend’s Newark Well Being Show was in any doubt as to the success of the show. I decided not to publish attendance figures last year. However, everyone who attended knew the show was exceptional. And to achieve this spectacular success was no mean feat. The number of people who attended the show? 1292! Yes, one-thousand-two hundred and ninety-two people. And remember, we do not count the second-day attendees.

So here is the role of honour. The spectacular blend of products, services, therapies, spiritual counselling and information stands is what the Well Being Show brand is all about. Nothing comes close to the unique blend of people who appeal to such a wide range of Visitors.

All of you are diamonds in a sky of inspiration. Thank you for your faith in the brand and dedication to the future of your events.

The role of honour:

Angel Tree Art
Anahata Centre Lincoln
Arabian Mystic
Barrie John Medium
Body and Mind Place
Brigitte Rix Author
Campbell Wallace ‘Second Chance’
Counselling with Cartouche
Crystal Carols
Crystal Cave Online
Dance of Life
Darren Stanton TV Psychologist
DevelopLink Shamanic Healing
doTERRA oils
Earth Gem Gifts
Earth Star Medicine
Earth Tree Healing Art & Music
Elemental Balance
Energy Raisers UK
Ethically Gifted
Eve’s Clothing & Accessories
Feet First Reflexology
Fenix Flames
Gill Moore Spiritual Healing
Guidance & Clarity
Hands R4 Healing
Harmony of Soul
Heather Wood Guidance and Healing
Hedera Herbal Medicine & Holistic Therapies
Hello Mind
Highland Oak Shop
Innerlight Hypnotherapy
KarmaEquine Reiki
Kirstie Lilith Animal Communication
KMA Massage Treatment
Life Improvement Coach
Matrix Drops Computer Scan
Mental Health Awareness
Mystic Mike James
Mystic Christine
Naturally Smart
Orgone Shungite Pyramids
Pamper For You
Pyramid Lady, The
Richard’s Sound Therapy
Rick Paul Spiritual Medium
Sanctuary Reflexology
Self Help CDs
Sarah May
Tranquil Awakenings
Wendy Jackson Homeopath
Wild Elements Crystals
Woodland Trust
World Wildlife Fund
Yoga Studio

See you at the next Well Being Show!

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