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I am repeatedly asked about the cessation of the daily LizianEvents News. Many people commented that they love to read articles. Indeed the benefit for The Well Being Brand cannot be disputed.

Readers will notice that I have started to publish a weekly article or submission. This weekly addition will continue for the foreseeable future.

And I will also increase the information about Well Being Shows and events in the weeks before the date.

I’m pleased to have already published two superb podcasts presented by Debbie Ison. Debbie is a magnificent presenter. Her wisdom and understanding of the subjects are second to none. Both are worth your valuable time.

The podcasts subjects are:-

Healing the body through the mind.
1) Coping With Internal Conflict – Published 11.03.23
2) Past Life Regression – Published 18.03.23

So look forward to a weekly article and more significant and substantial show updates.

See You Soon


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