A Simple ‘Thank You’

Newark Well Being Show - 03.09.23

Here is the list of Community members attending this weekend’s Newark Well-Being Show. We can write without reservation the event was an absolute success on every level. Well attended by Visitors. Many full talk rooms. We have fully participated Yoga Studio.
Above all, the constant stream of compliments and genuine appreciation from Visitors proved the show’s success. We enjoyed the typical vibes and atmosphere of the now-established Well-Being Show genre.
It only remains for Ian and I to thank you all for your fantastic contribution to the success of the show and the long-term future of The Well Being Brand.

Many Thanks


1 in 4 Revolutionaries – Mental Health Awareness
Angel Tree Artwork
Apothecary’s Garden (The)
Barrie John Medium
Body and Mind Place Yoga 
Brigitte Rix Author 
Buckso Dhillon Vibrant Sage Therapies 
Campbell Wallace ‘Second Chance’
Crystal Carols
Crystal Cave Online
Counselling with Cartouche
Dance of Life
Darren Stanton TV Psychologist
doTerra oils
Earth Gem Gifts
Earth Tree Healing Art & CDs
Elemental Balance
Energy Raisers UK
Ethically Gifted
Eve Carey
Feet First Reflexology
Fenix Flames
Frequency 101
Gently Stirred
Gill Moore Spiritual Healing
Harmony of Soul
Hedera Herbal Medicine & Holistic Therapies
Hemp Man – Herba Store
Highland Oak Shop 
Himalayan Singing Bowls
Holistic Balance Products and Therapies
Holistic Readings with Jacqui
Holistic Tiger 
Innerlight Hypnotherapy
Jayne Denham Mind Body and Soul
Joules Medium & Healer
KarmaEquine Reiki
KMA Massage Treatment 
Life Improvement Coach
Luna Rose Holistic Therapy and Gifts
Matrix Drops Computer Scan 
Mystic Mike James
Mystic Christine
Naturally Smart Skincare
Old Pain 2 Go
Orgone Shungite
Positivity Pack
Pulse Proactive
Pyramid Lady, The
Richard’s Sound Therapy
Rick Paul Spiritual Medium
Sanctuary Reflexology
Sarah May
Self Help CDs
Shirley Ann
Spookylicious Wax Melts and Candles
Stuff by Rox
Timeless Home Scents & China 
Tranquil Awakenings
Tropic Skincare with Heather Duncan
Try Praying
Urban Monk
Wendy Jackson Homeopath 
Wild Elements Crystals
Wine College
World Wildlife Fund

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