Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts 03.09.23

Newark Well Being Show - 03.09.23

Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts 03.09.23

A moment of reflection on Saturday’s Newark Well Being Show. The conclusion is we have enjoyed another success. The Well-Being Brand is now firmly established.

The morning began with an excellent queue of Visitors, and we all realised that the show would be a winner. However, we should accept that as the day progressed, we saw Visitors leaving slightly earlier than usual. The weather influenced this choice.

The overall consensus is the Newark Well-Being Show is a great success. The Community have engrained the ethos and ethic of the events in all Visitor’s hearts.
I look forward to writing a full update on this weekend’s Well-Being Show for now. Well done, everyone. You have enjoyed the rewards of your long-term commitment and endeavours.

Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd

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