Debbie Ison ~ Therapy Demonstration

Newark Well Being Show - 03.09.23

During the Newark Well-Being Show, Debbie Ison worked with volunteer Claudine West. Together they provided a significant insight into Debbie’s work and methodology.

Debbie demonstrated the techniques used to make significant changes in mindset and self-help methods that can be used after the therapy. The recording depicts the whole session and will inspire people to change or help make the decision to enjoy a therapeutic consultation with Debbie.

Newark Well Being Show - 03.09.23

Debbie Ison and Claudine West

Many thanks to Claudine West for agreeing to participate in this fascinating session.

Debbie is a highly qualified therapist and teacher. Read more about Debbie at her website – LINK HERE

Listen to the beautiful presentation:

We have chosen not to edit the recording as listeners will attain greater insight into the presentation.

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