Liz Clark’s Sunday Thoughts 17.09.23

Newark Well Being Show - 03.09.23

In just one week, we’ll have finished an entire Saturday and be well into Sunday trading at the Newcastle Well-Being Show. I’m confident that the event will succeed, as the interest is higher than ever – as evidenced by the social media traffic. I haven’t paid much attention to this type of feedback in the past, but it’s clear that social media is now an essential tool for gauging people’s interest and engagement.

This event takes place in an area that has a strong interest in the idea of Well-Being. We have received positive feedback from past attendees who have expressed their love for the show. I believe that the Newcastle Well-Being Show is a success. Similarly, many people recognized the potential of Staffordshire, and we had a successful turnout at Newark. Building a solid show takes time and requires much commitment and dedication. While the benefits may not be immediate, I am proud of the team’s commitment to the Well-Being brand and the potential for significant long-term results.

Consider The Lincolnshire Well-Being Show. We started with 46 Community Members standing, and November marks the beginning of our 7th year at The Epic Centre! There will be 120 people standing at this event. No matter how you look at the constant gain and recognition of the show and the brand, none can doubt this a fantastic achievement and is evidence of how it takes time, effort and considerable investment to ‘make a show work.’

The Newcastle Well-Being Show is an extension of the Well-Being brand, featuring a variety of therapists and holistic healers. The event offers a good balance of both retail and informational stands. It’s worth noting that the number of readers has been limited to just four for practical reasons, such as allowing readers to cover overhead costs. Additionally, LizianEvents is working towards making life easier for Spiritual Counsellors and will test a new idea at an upcoming event.

During the Newcastle Well-Being Show, Visitors and Community Members will see Ian will have a reader table! He will be there to cover shortfalls if the demand exceeds availability. And Ian will be part of the four-reader allocation for Newcastle. He will not be at the table for the whole of the day. Some of you may work out what we are planning for the future. Comment if you have!

Ok. that is it for today. I’ll see you in Newcastle next weekend. We can be sure of a brilliant event that Visitors will love.

Liz Clark – MD LizianEvents Ltd


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