Friday 1st December
7PM ~ 10PM
The Blue Room
Union RD

An Evening With Mr Darren Stanton

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Looking for a fascinating and different evening entertainment? Then look no further! Television’s favourite psychologist, Mr Darren Stanton, is presenting a phenomenal evening of interactive entertainment. Darren will captivate his audience with assessments of the world’s most infamous criminals. From murderers, fraudsters and politicians, he will expose the body language, linguistics and telltale actions which betrayed their hidden secrets.

After investigating society’s rogues, Darren will demonstrate ways we can sift through the lies and deceptions of everyday life. He’ll also demonstrate how specialists mind-read and discover the hidden truths of certain situations. This is a real interactive show! You’ll be amazed how much you will learn about the techniques of the Special Services, CIA, FBI and other covert operators.

Mr Darren Stanton

This will be a truly memorable show. Arrive at 18:30 and enjoy a drink in the beautiful atmosphere of Lincoln’s Blue Room. The show starts at 19:00, and the first half finishes around 20:15, when we take a short break for drinks or coffee at the bar. The show’s second half begins around 20:35 and will conclude at 22:00.

During the event’s second half, audience members will participate in several fascinating psychological tests and experiments! Everything from mind reading to explanations of how to enter into powerful rapport with people is covered. There is something for everyone who has an interest in human interaction. Suppose the desire is to assess people on a deeper level. Discover if someone is attempting to deceive. Or find out if someone’s intentions are honourable. Then, this is where you’ll learn the deep insights of specialist body language. During this second half of the show, Darren will demonstrate how you can follow his lead!

After the show, the audience can spend some time with Darren. You will find him very friendly and able to answer questions not covered during the show. The doors close at 22:30.

This is a truly unique show that will stay in your memory for years to come. You will enjoy a fabulous night out in the company of the media’s favourite body language expert.

See You There

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