Hello Everyone,

We’ll be well into the year’s final show in a week—the Pure Spirit Show at The Cedric Ford Pavillion, Newark Show Ground.

How’s it looking?

The answer is perfect indeed! We have nearly 50 exhibitors attending. And for any of you who can remember Angie’s super BSSK events at this venue, you will know next weekend’s numbers are equal to, if not higher, those heady days. Ian and I and some others, Carol and Campbell, and Simon and Jewel, will surely remember those brilliant events. Angie was, without doubt, a formidable organiser. 

It is wonderful to look back and see the successes of the past. But we have to move on and make things new! This is the nature of evolution and positive progress—too many attempts to emulate history and other people’s ways and methods. One has to focus on the present and provide the best possible attraction for the present world.

Will The Pure Spirit Show be a success? Well, it ticks every box for reasons to attend a traditional Mind Body and Spirit Show, with the added attraction of nearly 50 very expert and experienced exhibitors. Undoubtedly, any Visitor who attends the Pure Spirit Show will leave without knowing they have enjoyed a brilliant show.  I guarantee the show is worthy of Visiting. The event’s exhibitors are at the top of the genre.

This Week?

We will make sure to promote the show through every available promotional avenue. I also hope that each exhibitor will fulfil their promise of promoting the event on social media and email lists. We have fulfilled our promise of providing an affordable and fantastic venue and organising a superb event. There are many opportunities to thrive at The Pure Spirit Show this weekend. Those who make their followers and potential visitors aware of the show are helping everyone who stands next to them; as Ian loves to say, this is a ‘Symbiotic Relationship’!  You are the best in your field, and you can leave this show with a natural feeling of accomplishment and pride if you have taken the time to follow the road to success, which is self-promotion and media awareness. Hit the SHARE button, my friends.  I will be promoting YOUR show every day this coming week.

When someone comments, they had a fantastic show at any exhibition genre. Accept the comment is based on their perspective. They will have promoted, pushed, and provided information about their work, and through consistent and persistent effort, they will have grasped the trophy of success. Take this on board this week! Tens of Community Members are seeing the rewards of self-promotion. And taking advantage of the ‘sharing media’ we provide. If you are standing, promoting, or presenting at Pure Spirit, you are part of a phenomenal show with incredible potential.  You can make it sing this coming weekend. Go for it!

Why Not?

Next year’s Well-Being Shows are receiving unprecedented interest. I wrote last week of Community Members who were ‘Blanket Booking’ the shows. ‘Blanket Booking’ means they are booking every show without exception. I already have Kent and London Community Members booking for Newcastle. This is a significant commitment and demonstration of faith in The Well Being Brand. I can’t express the quantity (is that the right word?) of gratitude I feel when seeing this faith in the Well Being Brand and its potential. 

Thank You

Rarely would I comment on a Well-Being Video. However, I was overwhelmed when Kirstie spoke of her confidence in my choice to stay with the four venues, not expand and over-stretch the Community.  Sometimes, we all need a few words of reassurance. And sometimes, we must acknowledge the support of a friend and a respected businesswoman. Thank you, Kirstie.

See You Next Weekend

Liz Clark ~ MD LizianEvents Ltd

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