Friday, January 18, 2019
Liz Clark : Jon Sharpe : LizianEvents : Lizian Events : Wellbeing : Well Being
New Year Promotion Begins Liz and Jon are back out on the promotional trail from this week onward. Community Members can be assured of our total dedication to promoting the Shows and Events. We do not...
Sam Wray - Community Member - LizianEvents - Lizian Events - Well Being - Wellbeing
The idea of ‘going for it’ appeals to many people, LizianEvents included. It is ok thinking about business plans and long term forecasts. However, Sam’s feeling is ‘don’t procrastinate - do it!’. She is right; indecision is one of the highest seeds of stress. When one is thinking and not actioning, the mind builds an association between the plan and the feeling of dread.
Joylina Goodings Joylina : LizianEvents : Lizian Events : Well Being : Wellbeing
Today we have a superb article based on Numerology written by Joylina Goodings. Joylina has many years of expertise in this complex and fascinating field of wisdom. I'm sure you'll find something which resonates when...
Rick Paul. LizianEvents : Lizian Events : Well Being : Wellbeing
Therefore, Rick will have a front page link on LizianEvents News. The link will take the reader to The Rick Paul Page. This page will contain links to all of his posts, all video and audio media recorded during the Well Being Shows.
Darren Stanton : LizianEvents
Can you meet a new customer and say ‘Good-morning, how are you today?’ and then have the confidence to ask about them and their needs before you guide them to your work? Do you have the confidence to say: ‘Try this service for free, or here is my business card’ or thank the person for spending the time to talk to you? Having confidence in anything we do is ‘sensed’ by people during dialogue or interaction.
Dale Bannister : LizianEvents : LizianEvents
Today's Post is from Dale Bannister. And it makes for great reading; Thanks Dale: Does Choice Create Opportunity? by Dale Bannister Each article (think that’s the correct term) I write, obviously helps me through a process, but...
Heather Pedley : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
Today we have an excellent essay from the ever popular Heather Pedley. Heather is a much loved and respected member of our community. Creativity is evident in all of her work, which varies from esoteric...
Rose Best : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
Clients are helped to take control of their life experiences and situations; they are empowered, they are supported while they take new uncertain steps forward. Clients experience the boundaries parents have often been unable to provide.
Eliza Hodge : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
Sick Building Syndrome - Eliza Hodge During 1985 I worked for a company based in St Albans Hertfordshire. Although the work routine was demanding, the rewards were there for all who wished to take the opportunities...
Lighthouse To The Future : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
All who know us understand we never look back, the future is where our destiny is focussed. This future is bound by ethos, integrity and transparency. There is an exciting year ahead for The Community and Visitors.
Clare G Harvey : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
We are privileged to have permission from Clare G Harvey to reprint some of her amazing articles on flower essences. Clare G Harvey is an internationally recognized authority on Flower Essences and has been a Flower...
Jane Osbourne
It isn’t life that defines us, but how we define our lives. What do we want to do? In the past, we may have felt dragged down, by events, but also by the negativity of others.
LizianEvents : Simon Goodfellow : Lizian Events
Simons interview continues... Click On Simon's Picture - Go To His Website Mind Body and Spirit shows have become an important part of my yearly calendar. Most weekends are taken up with these events. I have been...
Simon Goodfellow - The Workshop Master
The subject of today’s and tomorrows insight is Simon Goodfellow, a well known, respected and loved spiritual healer and medium. Simon provides a sincere and in-depth appreciation of his work, workshops and administration there is...