Liz Clark
Liz Clark

I could write LizianEvents was established during June 2013 at Market Rasen. I do not see the word established as useful. It is stagnation, a reference to another time. Some will claim we grow with experience. On a personal level we do, although I do not see organising events this way. Each one is different, new visitors, exhibitors and ideas. We have little interest in traditional ways. Progression, change and risk flow through our minds. Liz and I have no desire for the community to enter a stagnant room of yesterday’s ideas.

Do we know where the future will take us? There is no desire to know. Evolution, making adjustments, trying new ideas, these words do not fit in with the concept of a fixed plan. Everything changes, we encourage evolution and new ideas. For example: As our community begins to contribute by writing on this WordPress blog, it is possible the essays will influence the evolution.

For the foreseeable future, the one word ‘success’ is the reward for our endeavour. The success of our community is essential and far more important than personal profit. Our certainty is if we continue to return the profits to the events structure the whole community benefits. As I said to someone who questioned this earlier in the week ‘If you feel I’m deceiving you, we are not for you. There is no point in sending a booking form’ the conversation ended.

An old skool exhibitor questioned some of the changes, my reply ‘How is this relevant to me? You are stuck in the past, fixed and stagnant. You follow your desire, the desire of hope, the hope of the next show being a better one.’ [She questioned the ‘first come first served’ booking policy and not giving exhibitors the same stand position at each venue] Liz and I promise nothing; we work each day to promote the communities shows. If you have an opinion, there is a way to voice it – we encourage people to contribute 500 words to our blog. The website, this WordPress site and our social media presence guide individuals with a common interest to our shows. And then it is over to our exhibitor community; who have the stage, the communities performance makes us memorable or closes our doors. The old ‘know-all’ has had her day; she was part of the decline, moaning, complaint, criticism, mischief, breaking the confidence and hard work of those who looked to make a difference. Undermining the hard work of organisers who were in fear of saying ‘No, we don’t need your ruination, our reputation is more important than your stand fee.’ How is anything of the past relevant to Liz and me? I look back, and the landscape is in a setting sun. I look forward, realising there are sixty people in our community who are intent on change and new beginnings.

On Monday 12 of June – The Lincoln Show Pages on our Website will come down, and the Nottingham Trowell Event will replace it. The front page of our website will change, and the process begins afresh. New pictures, text, shorter videos, the exhibitor list changes, adjustments to the format, nothing stands still. Seven weeks of intensive decisions clicked away in less than ten minutes.

The image of our community should adjust to give our visitors new perspectives in the future. The more we adapt and think about making changes the better we progress. Happy and secure relationships of any description thrive on adaptability and fresh ideas. Our events can only be as good as the community. I feel sure if we were in the middle of a field with twenty dedicated exhibitors, it is certain the visitors would enjoy their day. The quality of people in our community are this good, do not doubt it. People are the reason for success, every time and without exception. I look at what WE ALL have put together over the last seven weeks, and I am proud to be part of this show.

Liz and I thank you for the faith placed in our work.

LizianEvents ~ Established 10-11 April 2017
LizianEvents ~ Established 12 June 2017


  1. Hiyah Liz, hope you all have a great weekend! ! 😁 I’m just sorry I couldn’t get in in time to get a table 😣. Hopefully you’ll be doing another one this year!!!! 😁 x

    • Hi, Sam – There is no ‘hope’ about it. We will be at Lincoln later in the year Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th November. Have a look-see on our website. We already have bookings for the event. Remember we work a ‘first come first; served basis, keep your eye on the website and make sure you are on our ‘exhibitor email list’ as you receive regular ‘exhibitor community’ updates. Please write up an ‘Exhibitor Profile’ we have a backlog waiting to be posted. The momentum started to roll in the last two weeks. It does not matter if you are standing or not, we will still put your profile on this WordPress site. I have just looked at the statistics for the last four days, and this blog has been read over 800 times. See you soon Sam –

  2. I’m grateful to be party of these events and community, and if community is the word where it means people coming together, a loving family feel, each and everyone helping each another. Then it couldn’t more appropriate here, for that is what a Lizian event is. A community of loving, smiling happy people, and the word established to me implies, the old school guard the “establishment”. Each LizianEvent is a born afresh each time. Paul

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