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Superb weekend of talks by our Community Exhibitors

Nottingham Trowell Map
Nottingham Trowell Map

Nottingham Well Being Event 

Saturday 29 July 2017

11.15am  Julie Elizabeth
Introduction to the Tarot – Julie will talk about the fascinating subject of the Tarot. Julie guides the attendees on how to approach learning the seventy-eight cards. She will discuss the basic three card spread and the method of short readings. Sure to be an interesting hour of learning.

12.30pm  John M Harris – Soul Wisdom Psychic Consultant
‘Soul Awareness’
John explains the mysteries of how one can use what is known as the Akashic Records to find out who we are at a soul level and explores what we can do with that information. An interesting, informative and interactive talk.

2.00pm Sharon Dewick – Nature’s Workshop
Art and Angels
Sharon presents an interactive talk where participants will explore how messages from angels appear and how to interpret them.  Sharon will also demonstrate how she uses Angelic influence within her art.  Audience participation is always part of Sharon’s talks.

3.00pm Emma Gowshall – Healing Pets
‘Alternative Therapies for pets & demonstration of animal communication.’
A brief introduction on how to use alternative therapies with your pets, covering crystals, sound therapies, flower remedies and essential oils.  Also a short demonstration of animal communication.

4.00pm Carol Wallace – Crystal Carol
‘How to get the best from your crystals’
In this talk, Carol looks at the dos and don’ts of crystals, how to get the best from your crystals and debunking the myths and misconceptions of how to work with crystals.  Including how to look after and use the crystals you have. An excellent opportunity to have your questions answered by someone with years of knowledge and experience.

Sunday 30 July 2017

11.30am  Rick Paul – Spiritual Medium
Rick gives a fascinating talk about his work as a spiritual medium.  This presentation seems like a conversation, and there is total interaction with his audience.  We ask, do you get messages?  Yes – sometimes.

1.00pm  Campbell Wallace – Author
‘Second Chance’
Real life stories take us on a journey of awareness.  Campbell discusses his journey to a Second Chance, from the beginnings of illness through chronic sickness and literally facing death.  This presentation covers his journey to his Second Chance, and he also discusses why people who have been given a second chance and throw it away by not following the guidance of their carers.  Signed copies of Campbell’s book are available after the talk.

2.30pm Di Wall – Cartomancy Reader & Spiritual Counsellor
‘Ghosts, Ghouls, and things that go bump in the night.’
Di shares her personal experiences with ‘visitors from another side’ which began at an early age and reflects how these happenings changed the course of her life in later years.

3.30pm Peter Wall – Clinical Hypnotherapist
‘Hypnosis as a second career.’
Peter is well loved in the sphere of hypnosis.  For 20 years he has been at the top of full-time clinical hypnosis.  With the proliferation of hypnosis courses, Peter talks to the audience about the advantages of considering hypnosis as a profession, after initially making it a second career.  You cannot lose with Peter’s course as the beneficial life lessons learned during the course can literally turn your life around.

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In addition to the talk program, there will be a workshop on Sunday afternoon.  Taking place on the Stage Area – mind the steps – please register with Carol at her stand before attending.

Workshop with Carol Wallace ‘Crystal Carol.’

3.00pm Working with Crystals & Chakras:

Carol demonstrates a chakra layout with crystals for self-balancing and harmony – a straightforward and informative workshop on how to do your own chakra layout and how to choose which crystals to use.

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