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Felix Dennis
Felix Dennis

I have read many biographies of business icons. To my mind Felix Dennis shines above most, he came from nowhere, was relatively unknown and a giant amongst giants. Dennis Publications canon of titles is vast and profitable.

Dennis Publications
Dennis Publications

You may ask why I am writing about one of the wealthiest men who lived, on a blog centred on the well-being and spiritual aspects of life. The answer is this: After he had died Felix turned his business into a trust which sole purpose is to turn the profits of Dennis Publishing into forests and trees –

Here is the remit from Wikipedia –

Since Felix Dennis’ death in 2014, Dennis Publishing has been owned by the Heart of England Forest Charity, set up by Dennis with the mission of “the plantation, re-plantation, conservation and establishment of trees for the benefit of the public, together with the education of the public by the promulgation of knowledge and the appreciation of trees”

What a legacy – I could comment the man knew more about having respect for nature than any other organisation. I suggest his legacy will provide more insight into the capacity of human nature than any other act.

I comment on Felix because I listen to a recording of him talking about success once or twice a week. He says ‘Given sufficient application we can all succeed – If you do not believe in yourself – do not expect expect anyone to believe you – Of course there is fear of failure – the fear is not the problem – send fear to a chamber where it cannot hold you back – confront fear of failure, master it, batter it into submission – work longer hours than your friends can perceive – have a clear understanding of what it is you intend to do – have a clear method in front of you – go to a place on your own – and commit your mind to flexibility – if something does not work – change it – adapt – if something does not work change direction – you cannot be stopped if you are willing to adapt – we get the right ideas from unity and community – nothing can stop you apart from inactivity – nothing can stop you apart from apathy – nothing can stop you apart from procrastination – most of the super rich are not very intelligent – all of the super rich understand community and rewarding those who benefit the common purpose.’

Success requires tonnes of effort if you fly solo. Success becomes easier if you contribute and become part of a powerful community. This essay is four hundred and seventy-eight words long. I wrote it in twenty minutes, and it will be read by over a hundred and fifty people today.

What is stopping you using this WordPress Platform? Five hundred words to promote your thoughts, skills, art, gifts, books and you? I would guide you to Felix’s words, the words of a master.

‘Given sufficient application, we can all succeed’

Liz Clark

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