What is Spiritual?

I can never resist it, the words spoken to me on more than one occasion.

‘He wouldn’t know what spiritual is if it stared him in the face.’

The statement is one of ignorance, for there is no knowing what is spiritual. All words are ripe for the picking; you can take the fruit from the tree of knowledge or decide to eat from the tree of ignorance. Why would any of us want or need to know what is spiritual? There would be no philosophical questions left, nothing to learn, nothing to await the following day. To my mind, all should have an essence of truth and integrity within its purpose, and those two words change the way I consider all of my actions.The confusion of this paragraph is to me the essence of my concept of spirituality. Of course, you may have a differing opinion, and this indicates there is merit in the idea ‘spiritual’ has no definitive interpretation.

There is an interesting statement which answers some spiritual questions: It is as sweet as honey and as intense as iron.

‘If you can think of your work in a church – there is no reason why you should not think of your God while you work.’

To me, there is no way we can think of spiritual if it is fixed. To be spiritual within my mind is like a waterfall, the water flows from a small stream. It gathers momentum and is joined by many other sources of the movement of life. And the waterfall is where our thoughts are active and most creative. The ideas then continue in the flow of life. Life is an emotional water. Yes, water makes lions strong and is within the creation of most living plants and creatures, from tree to human, we are all water. Water, men search for it, die for it and see it as a sign that life could exist.

The waterfall joins another river.
Every river of life leads to one estuary; it is where all humans rest.

From the spring of life, we call birth. To the estuary of the river, we call the final sleep. There is a flow of existence. Many follow the surface and look for the banks of accumulation and illusional safety. The foolish fail to see the fishers who desire is to snare the traveler. While they look and envy the water’s edge. They cannot ‘feel’ what is supporting their flow. They fail to see what or who helps them and gives their life a reality of purpose.

This writer sees life as rivers, waterfalls, and dams. Do I know what is spiritual? No, how could I? I know nothing, nothing of value, I care not for wealth or material gratification. There is nothing more important to me than not fearing of the estuary. The only way I can do this is to follow the river and trust the water which supports my very Being.


  1. “I care not for wealth” that would depend how you perceived “wealth” Being in the “flow” of life, you may consider yourself VERY wealthy, for “I am wealth”

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