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‘Why don’t you give Community Members fixed positions at each event?’

Again we come to experience. We once attended an event and discovered we had been moved from an original place. Now, there was no problem with being moved. The difficulty for us was that we were moved because of an exhibitor, informing the organiser we had bad ‘vibes’.Sure enough, we were put in the naughty corner, and all concerned believed we did not know of the situation.

It should be noted, in all of the years we stood at shows, only twice did we ask to be moved. The first reason was there was no electricity and lighting is essential to retail. The customers must be able to see the products, not to enhance the appearance, the rooms are sometimes, dark and lighting overcome this issue. The second was we had been criticised for a new venture, and Liz knew full well our proximity would cause the individual some embarrassment. From our point of view, we could not give a fig, although we decided a move in this instance would be the best choice to take.

I digress, the individual who questioned our ‘vibes’ and asked for us to be moved, demonstrated a weakness of character. As did the person who moved us, we had supported the event for some time, and with due consideration, I feel our loyalty had been ignored. The situation guided me to question aspects of the ethics of the demand. There is no doubt in my mind the request had guided my thinking towards an important facet of the events.

Liz and I had talked about organising events for some years before we opened the doors at Market Rasen. It is possible we had assembled the basic ideas of the formula in the years before we announced the first show. Idea’s we discussed varied: community, a ‘flow’ of attendees, floor plans and genre limits, and these aspects are still in many of the conversations we have about the shows.

From the outset, we felt the fairest way to set out the event floor area was not to have ‘fixed’ or ‘regular’ places for our Community. We believe once the precept is established, there is no room for argument. In fact, there can be no room for disagreement when there is nothing to seed a dispute. It is my contention; we find our level by the effort of our endeavours. When working within environments with rules which are sensible and defined, we can concentrate on our personal objectives because there is no possibility of alternatives.

Returning to the floor plan of events we attended, Liz and I had no interest where we were placed, although it is fair to write, we usually ended up in the same location. Either way, it made no difference, we were there to serve our customers, and for the duration of the event, we stayed with the stall. Yep, the feet were tired, brains dulled, voices hoarse and bodies weary. However, overheads covered and profit made, the effort always rewarded, One thing is sure the visitors always found our location.

The point is, it does not matter where we are placed. If the smile and dialogue are there, the visitor will follow. Of course, there will be many who remember I used to interpret the Luscher Colour Cards at events. It is fair to say I enjoyed a fair amount of success over nearly two decades of being a reader. I’m still asked why I no longer read the answer is this: Over the years, I interpreted the cards of thousands of visitors, one day it dawned on me, there was nothing left to give. I sat at a show and all day long I spoke to people who were old clients. On the way home I said to Liz: ‘That’s it, Lizzy, I have decided to stop reading.’  The point I am making here is this; I think we have to accept, after nearly twenty years of working as a reader there is a need to accept the situation that, we run out of new clients. And this is the reason we consider the first booked, first to stand system and limiting stand numbers will work to our communities advantage. Visitors will see fresh faces and return to evolving and changing shows. There is no feeling of losing a place or favoritism, all is fair and transparent.

Of course, there will be people who disagree. Opposing ideas and views are welcome, please feel free to contribute to the LizianEvents News. Is constant change beneficial? Does loyalty matter? Do rules restrict or ease the smooth running of a project? Can we exhaust our potentials? I will be writing about the word ‘spiritual’ tomorrow.


  1. Good morning I personally have not been doing events that long 3 short years starting with small events and moving on to larger ones as I have gone along. I have found no matter the size of the event once you are set up and ready to go. People who know you find you and those that don’t find you. One of the most common things that I hear said by new and old customers is first time eye want a good look at everything everyone has to offer and second or third time round they may buy what has caught their eye. So if you don’t engage with those that pass by than you miss a chance for them to stop a while and maybe come back to you. Had had several people come back three or four times at Newark. To bring a friend or a family member to show them something ect. So I fully agree so long as you have your stall set out and are welcoming then all is well x

    • Thank You, for your contribution. This is probably the most important aspect of standing at any show. The ability to realise that our visitors are taking in more than the stall is imperative to success. Many Thanks for your contribution. Ian

  2. Never heard a “valid” reason to have the same stand at any show, if your stand has the “wow” factor in terms of whatever goods/services you provide. You, yourself look presentable and you attend your stand, with a smile, the rest will follow 🙂

    • Very accurate observation Dale. We should consider every aspect of our presentation. Over the years Liz changed the appearance of our stand many times. We never stood still in promotion and changing of appearance. For my work, I had four different layouts and the way I dressed changed by rotation. I felt it was important to change how I worked as well. And on the occasions when an idea did not work out. I realised I had made an investment in the future, not a bad mistake. OUR website is in constant change and update. There is no sense in becoming fixed in one image. Yes, we have an identity, the identity of being Community Driven. However, our presentation of this identity is in constant evolution. And you are right: Presentation. Attendance and a Smile, will always win, every time.

  3. Just venturing an opinion but as an energy worker my thought is the energy you project will draw people wherever you sit or display, if you radiate positivity then people will be drawn to come to speak to you, if you can’t communicate what chance have you of either selling or offering your readings etc. I don’t think there are any prime positions your show is what you make of it.. just a thought.

    • In agreement with this Rick. When Liz and I distribute flyer’s and posters, we rarely receive a ‘NO’- I’m sure it is the smile and engagement which makes the difference. Communication is all about appearance, eye contact, and persona. Many Thanks for your contribution – Ian

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