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Taking Steps
Taking Steps

We are always looking for new and diverse Community Members. The importance of bringing new and fresh people into OUR Events cannot be underestimated. I understand the concept of loyalty and accept there will be those who will not get to grips with the idea of flexibility and regeneration. The curve is steep, and one which not be changed.

Liz and I do not see our events as an ‘Agatha Christie – Mouse Trap – Production’ we conceive them as vibrant and evolving. And you will see changes over the next twelve months. For obvious reasons, we will not reveal the ideas which are ready to be implemented. We intend to take total possession of what is about to happen. We have to have a signature which gives our event an identity. It must be ‘Yes, LizianEvents started this idea and only LizianEvents do this.’

Flexibility and acceptance are essential to progress. I wrote some time ago that after fifteen-years of interpretation of Luscher Colour Cards, there were no more clients left. On reflection, I should have reinvented my work and taken it in another direction. The tides of life make the changes, and here I am tapping the keys to connect to thousands of people. I spoke to a reader at another show, who said they were ‘Not so busy these days’. My reply was ‘You have exhausted your audience. Why don’t you take a rest and evaluate where you are today?’

When next years Community Lists are released, there will be many surprises. They are a reflection of our choice to Mix It. Liz and I insist helping our Community to cover overheads and see a profit is a priority. For Example, Liz has guided a few Community Members to take information tables to get a feel of the Show; it would be easy to take a fee, although our conscience dictates integrity must rule any decision.  Do not forget we stood behind tables for 15+ years, do not make a mistake, our eyes are wide open, to every aspect of the M.B.S circuit. This is the reason we intend to imbibe clarity and accuracy in everything we do.

I return to the Community Member in the last paragraph.

The reader replied ‘Yes but I will lose my place at the events, and these events are going to take off’. The Community Member was right the Shows will ‘take off’ anyone who doubts this is walking around with a delusion in their mind. The Community Member is also wrong, no Community Members will lose their place at the shows because one of our leading principals is Mix It. It is not possible to give visitors new and vibrant shows if they return to a Mouse Trap productions. Liz and I feel as the numbers of visitors grow, each Community Member will enjoy greater rewards from varying degrees of attending, a rest from the show is like pruning a rose, the Community Member will return brighter and more beautiful.

There is a degree of fairness; there has to be: In June Liz sent out the 2018 dates bulletin to Community Members. There were a few who immediately replied, and their bookings were secured. As the weeks passed by Liz awaited replies, as she waited, she received numerous requests for availability to stand at OUR shows. At this point, Liz blended new Community Members into the list. Of course, many of were waiting to see how the show will run. We had anticipated this, and in fact, this becomes a natural selection. Who benefits? In the long term, everyone, Community Members and Visitors. ‘Mixing It’ will work.

We have a major project coming on stream in 2018. Many of you will already know of the idea behind it. Liz and I are more than able to make our ‘Combined Show’ into a fantastic visitor experience. The ‘Well Being Conference’ is focused on the Physical Fitness of the Body. And The ‘Well Being Show’ which will run alongside it, is focused on the Spiritual Well Being. There may be a few people who will attempt to copy the idea. However, this article brands the concept as ours. And by OUR’s I refer to every Member of OUR Community. I again ask the reader to instil this in their mind and remember the contents of this article. I may well have to reference this at another date.

Why do I have to write articles such as this? So there is no mistaking the why and how of our underlying principals. The will be no ‘grey areas’ or room for misinterpretation. Already we listen to those who dislike our ideas, distorting the truth. If a reader wants the facts, they are here in the tens of thousands of words written about LizianEvents.

See You Soon



    • Without doubt Campbell. Key to visitor attendance is Mixing It. We would soon stop seeing our favourite band if their concerts were the same ‘set’ every time. Yes, we love to listen to a few ‘standards’ however new numbers make the concert and event. As always, many thanks for your comment and support – Ian

  1. Whilst I go through my own process of “change” I have no doubt in my mind that Lizian Events will be the place to be! One day I hope to be there myself with a stand, but in the mean time, the best thing I can do to be part of YOUR process, is to offer my help, in any way you want it.

    • Having me you Dale is it funny we have met you will have your own stall as once you have made the commitment the initial step the momentum will surely follow as long as YOU keep the momentum going.

  2. Yes I agree with your ideas and comments. I have lived in this area now for some 7 years and st first the MBS fairs were a pleasure to attend then for me it became the same readers, stalls etc which led to my attendance dropping off then I noticed when I did attend there must have been many people with similar thoughts as the last one I attended the footfall was dire and was more like a food hall so it had not only affected the public it also had a knock on effect with readers and stall holders alike the rot had set in and if you hadn’t taken over the whole MBS fairs would have died a death. It’s fantastic to see a new breath of vitality being brought in which can only be done by exactly what you are doing with your new ethos onwards and upwards it’s brilliant xxx

    • Heart Warming words Shirley. You realise we have to hold fast and forge ahead with our ideas. You have a full grasp of our appreciation of the present situation. I know we will our Shows grow and with supporters and Community Members like you: How can we fail to make an impression? The next few are crossroads and the changes to this ‘News’ should open more avenues for ALL Of OUR Community, whether active or not this platform is going to open many new doors. many Thanks Shirly for your input and support. Ian

  3. These shows will go from strength to strength because of the diversity. The more community members there are the more interesting the shows will be for everyone. Keep up the good work.

    • Very important words for a stalwart member of the Community. As we all know, Joylina has worked in the Spiritual field for many years. I thank you for your comment, I cannot express how much this means to me personally. Ian x

  4. I totally agree. All things need to evolve, especially in this current environment.
    Consistency in action is the most common trait that helps us feel secure, however it can become a stagnant place to be, if we fear change. However change brings about growth, and from growth we thrive in to prosperity. In the great circle of life we must be willing to embrace the ideas of others within the community and the skill and business accruement from those at the helm.
    Well done, I look forward to your updates.

  5. I have read this article and can speak as an impartial observer from both sides of the fence. The last big event I attended (before Liz and Ian came along) as a customer was not great, atmosphere the lighting etc I felt sorry for the people exhibiting as they were swimming against a tide of indifference. I mentioned to my wife that if this was to be what we would be served up this would be the last one I would attend.
    Then came along a major shift in my attitude and my own development I was very fortunate to come into contact with Liz and Ian and have the opportunity to start exhibiting myself, conscious of the befores as a customer I want and wanted to contribute to building the atmosphere lifting the energies. My time with you guys has been short but immense this community ethos that you are building and standing behind is developing a life of its own. Everybody is treated equally but you have to be willing to contribute to the success, community is all about sharing building and giving your time to your fellow community members. What we have here dear readers is a recipe, a recipe is only as good as its ingredients then we add in the chefs to put this all together mix it in with expertise, diversity of thought and deed and a sprinkle of love and light and what we have is a success meal. Who wants to contribute well in closing I do and I look forward to many shows to come , thank you from the bottom of my heart to all contributors to my recipe. Rick.

    • Hi Rick, What a wonderful appraisal of our work. I understand your sentiments and agree without question. There were a number of critics in the early months and now the approvals outweigh the criticisms by 100 to zero. It is the immense personal and material investment made by The Community which is making the headway. Liz and I are humbled by the dedication of yourself and other Members who take the time to comment and make our work a pleasure and success. Ian

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