John Richardson Past and Present Regression Workshop

Mr John Richardson
Mr John Richardson

John will be teaching this workshop on Saturday 4th November 15:00 – 17:00 (+30 minutes)

John has many years of experience as a hypnotist. He has enjoyed great success in most areas of this fascinating subject. From stage to high-skilled clinical work, he has excelled every time.In clinical work, regression can become a beneficial part of the process. After working with past and present life regressions, John has seen incredible transformations: –

Closure of difficult memories.
Overcoming of deep-seated fear.
Cessation of harmful habits.
Growth in confidence.

Some time ago, John began to wonder if there would be a way of teaching regression in a short workshop. After months of work, he formulated a method of safely teaching pupils to enjoy their own personal regressions. The initial idea concentrated on past life regression. He then considered the idea of blending both past and present life regression and developed the method further.

Initially, he considered a method where could be used for ‘self’ regression. Something which is entirely possible, although the eventual solution was to take the idea a little further. The session could be either used solo or in pairs.

During some of John’s talks, the audience sees a demonstration of hypnosis. During the presentation, a volunteer enters a gentle trance. The audience is shown how the volunteer is in total control of his actions and it is impossible for the hypnotist to make him do anything against his will. After the session, the subject talks about his experience. Not once has the individual made a negative appraisal of the experience. John has worked tirelessly to break down the mysteries, and misconceptions of hypnosis, using this type of demonstration.

For another example John asks us to consider this phenomenon: –

‘Millions of people may be shocked to know they enter the deepest of trances sitting in front of the television every night. The receptive influence of the storylines locks into people personal subconscious mind. Even so, we do not see people becoming the characters or following their characters ways of living.’

The Workshop is taught in steps: –

  • People attending the WorkShop will learn about John’s experience and qualification to teach the WorkShop.
  • The next step is to consider ‘safety’ and the use of certain pre-trance affirmations to prevent any difficulties arising.
  • Now the seminar gets interesting as the focus is on Past and Present regression. How to move along the timelines and override any ‘issues’.
  • Once this is understood, the students are taught simple relaxation techniques which allow the conscious and sub-conscious minds to communicate. This technique is a wonderfully safe way of entering a comfortable and enjoyable trance. It is a straightforward and easy method to calm and relaxation.
  • John will oversee a short regression, during which he’ll demonstrate two simple techniques – ‘roll play’ and ‘cherry- picking’ – One will change the storyline of a situation to benefit the regressionist – The other allows the regressionist to ‘cherry-pick all of the good facets of a situation, permanently leave poor outcomes or failures behind. It is a way of using the resources of the mind to enhance one’s life resources.
  • At this stage, everyone will have learned the whole process! And it is now time to pair up and try the techniques. One will be the listener, the other the regressionist. The whole group will be guided by John. At the end of this short session, the roles are reversed, in this way, everyone in the group will have enjoyed a brilliant experience.
    Finally, there is a short question and answer session. John will discuss the regressions and listen to comments.

This WorkShop is bound to be memorable, rewarding and enjoyable. Every attendee will take away a skill twice which can be used for the rest of their lives. Please be certain, every facet of the seminar is tested and proven to be safe. The WorkShop is unique and is taught by a highly skilled and qualified man. You will find John Richardson to be kind, clear in teaching and patient.

Some attendees may use the WorkShop as a stepping stone to following a path into Clinical Hypnosis. Others may choose to use the technique with friends. No matter how you chose to use the lessons learned. This is a workshop to remember.

Price for the two-hour workshop is £35:00
For booking details: –  Contact John


  1. Wow won’t be missing this workshop hypnosis and past lives have always held my interest. Now an opportunity presents itself to advance the little knowledge I have. I have always believed that somehow our past life together with hypnosis can unblock many centres within which in turn can help a person to to move forward. See you there x

    • Hi, Shirley, this will be a superb workshop. John is an excellent teacher and as we can see from the video, he has spent many hours working on the concept. Looking forward to meeting you at Lincoln. Ian

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