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Celestial Treasure: Every soul is created with a perfect blueprint. But as we have lived life after life, encompassing millions of experiences, good, bad and indifferent, we have gradually evolved away from this state of perfection. Now as we follow our path we are constantly trying to reconnect with the Ancient aspect of the self, as well as our greater potential, but in the search for what? I’m guessing it has to be something better, more fulfilling, certain achievement, or understanding of purpose. In my view, what and why doesn’t matter because the reasons themselves are unique to the individual. But “how” is important. We look for connection in many different ways, everything from social interactions, service to others, looking for purpose in our working and family lives, pastimes, spiritual pursuit, or simple everyday living. Everyone’s different, but we all share something… we are on a never-ending journey of connection and reconnection that involves perceived successes and failures, imprisonment and liberation, seeking and questioning. It’s the evolution of the self; it’s our determination to be the creator of our destiny. Our need to find out who we are. We desire to outshine and outgrow. The assumption might be that we all have the ability to grow, to break down old conditioning. So that like butterflies we can all evolve into a better version of our self if we put some time into it, of course, think positively, or meditate, live a selfless spiritual life and so on. Anything’s possible. But for many, nothing much seems to work on a long time basis. For many, life is just about plodding.

We interact with energy all the time. I’ve written a book about it, but I think Ian is limiting me to 500 words… so in a nutshell! Our energy field shifts and changes all the time. Thoughts, feelings, conversations, interactions, experiences, good and bad, all these things change our energy each moment and affect our blueprint. And if we’re trying to connect with something that we feel will be beneficial, with the best will in the world it’s difficult if we’re unreceptive. And how do we know if we’re receptive or not? Our minds will believe one thing, but our field most likely will be doing something else. So the things we desire, the frequency we’re looking to connect with becomes elusive, like trying to grab a bar of soap in the bath. One minute it’s there, the next it’s gone!

For centuries symbols have been used mostly as a shortcut for meaning because we all know that symbols are a representation of something, they help us understand our world. For example, you are looking at a bunch of symbols now. Each letter that we speak is represented by our alphabet. It’s written, we look at it, we memorise it, words are spoken in our head, we are remembering and connecting with words all the time. And when we read, we get the knowledge and as we understand, our energy at that moment will shift slightly. Energy is fleeting, in order to make a permanent connection with a particular energy, we need something to hold onto. A symbol is an anchor. A symbol can hold it for you. Keep looking at it, keep interacting with it, and you will connect.

For years many people have asked me what it is I do. And for years I have been trying to figure it out as well as avoiding the answer. I’ve wondered what to tell people, how to present it… because it’s difficult to properly explain that I draw, paint, and sculpt energy and anchor it in the physical world. Truthfully that could be said for most artists, poets and songwriters. But my work is deliberate; it is intentional. So I might not be an artist at all!

We are all looking for that bit of information to help us move forward. We can interact with it, but can we hold onto it? Not usually long enough for it to filter through our energy field and make a difference. I can find the energy, draw and paint it and anchor it in the form of a symbol. It’s something that some of you will recognise, or some aspect of you will because each time you look at it, you will connect.

I call my present work Celestial Treasures. Each piece is based on the main symbol. But they are layered, there are symbols over symbols. They are meant to be eye-catching, unmissable! That’s the idea. There is nothing significant or important that you have to do with them, just put them on the wall or somewhere at eye level.  Some people say they are very pretty and will look nice in the home, some people just like them and they don’t know why. Some of you know and understand that they are having an effect on you. They are made from reconditioned costume jewellery, and it must be said that a few people have said to me in passing, “I could make those myself at home, I’ve got lots of old jewellery kicking about”. Which is fine, I don’t mind. “Good idea!” is usually my reply, with a smile of course.

Heather Pedley
Symbol of The Cross

THE SYMBOL OF THE CROSS is embedded within the fabric of humanity. It was adopted by the Christian faith around the 3rd century, however, its origins predate the crucifixion and can be traced back as far as the Bronze Age, Ancient Egypt and most early civilisations around the world.
The apex of the cross signifies the elements, earth, wind, fire, water. Each point of the cross acts as a compass, north, south, east and west. The cross represents your place in the world, your centre and your position within the universe on all levels and dimensions. The cross represents the physical body, your mind (conscious and subconscious), your spirit/soul and your higher self (greater potential). It is your compass and direction. It is fundamental to you, representing both the light and the shadow, connecting all aspects of the self. It can ground and anchor you as your internal and external world shifts and changes.

Heather Pedley
Symbol of The Heart

THE SYMBOL OF THE HEART has a modern association with love and romance, but it is a very old symbol. The heart connects you to the energy of desire. Desire propels you forwards and moves you towards your goals and aspirations. It represents your hopes and dreams. Even if you are in conflict and you want resolution, you will struggle to achieve without the energy of desire.
The heart is your inspiration and creativity. Like putting petrol in your car, the heart will move you at a faster but more comfortable pace, pushing you into achievement. It signifies self-sufficiency, abundance and inner peace.

Heather Pedley

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