Promotion for All – Part Two

This article is part of the ‘Promotion For All’ articles – From time to time, we will publish ideas about promotion for our Community Members to consider.

The three words of promotion are ‘Keep it simple’. The second consideration takes time to build the database slowly and with care. Three thousand friends on Facebook may seem to have kudos. The fact is 900 is recognised as the optimum number for the promotion of business. With an average of 155 ‘friends’ for each user, we can easily be misled by social media ‘hype’. Social media is a fast running river, blink and you’ll miss the post. The determined user has to understand how the FaceBook and Twitter platforms if they are to advantage themselves and promote their business.

Consider Oxford University Professor Robin Dunbar study of social groupings. His research concluded the highest number of friends and family the human brain is capable of managing is 150.  This is the crux of all promotion, find 150 rock solid friends, followers and visitors and keep in dialogue and you will find surprising results from your promotion.

Never let followers down. Years of promotion dissolves in weeks of stagnation or speculation. If you have an idea or make a proposal or announcement, keep it, remember proposals and statements are part of any promotion campaigns and must not be forgotten or changed. On any occasion when a plan will not come to fruition, let everyone know immediately. Everyone makes mistakes: be sure to keep the audience aware of changes in situations. People forgive integrity they never forget cover-ups or failure due to incompetence.

This article does not appraise the latest ways Google works out S.E.O in its engine. Although, it is essential to understand lists of words in an S.E.O box ticks very few requirements today. Search LizianEvents on Google we are on page after page, and this is due to learning to understand how search optimisation works. Here is a clue: promotion works when the message is clear and precise. Promotion fails when the story or purpose is muddy and without conviction.

Forming a clear understanding of a business objective is essential. If someone is a fitness specialist and sells supplements and training equipment, he’ll struggle to find success. When he focusses on being a trainer who works on a ‘one to one’ basis with his clients, and he demonstrates his work on the internet and social media, he has a good chance of success. Of course, he must promote his skills, qualifications and above all his successes. If he writes a 350-word article each day, it will take 450 articles before his media visibility takes hold. After a year and a half of articles and, he’ll be flying solo, and his efforts will be rewarded.

Anyone who writes for a platform like the LizianEvents News already has an advantage. This page has a growing and loyal following. If someone desires to promote their work without a 450+ legacy of essays: a platform such of this will work for them. Promotion is awareness; awareness comes from the promotion. This daily newsletter is read by hundreds of people why not us it? I find it fascinating many show interest and then do nothing to promote their work. Success requires effort; nothing happens unless action is taken. Return to yesterdays article and listen to Dave Harper’s enthusiastic appraisal of Simon’s 1000+ views of his videos: Dave knows the videos work and he uses them to his advantage. If you are in any doubt about the coverage of the ‘News’ think again Pete Andersons Wednesday post achieved a ”sign up” within an hour of it being published.

Hard lessons are learned when a promotion is high on the agenda. Every visitor and follower must be considered as equal. Lose one, and you’ll lose their friends as well. We have to be sure of our footing or danger lays in the valley of promotion. Every aspect of one’s actions is critical to the success of the promotion. For example, I once watched a woman who critiqued someone starting a new business venture. She believed she was gaining favour with another business. No doubt she accomplished her aim, at the expense of ruining her reputation. The new startup had hundreds of friends and followers who were guided to the criticism. Oh! Dear what a catastrophic mistake, the friends and followers rallied round and dispelled the vicious attack. Not only this, the would-be assassin’s verbal salvo backfired, with many seeing the malicious and vindictive comment as a testament to the reality of her psyche (Psyche is Greek for mask).

This does not mean we have to think the keyboard is like a sheet of thin ice. Difficult news or opinion is tolerated if the information is accurate and truthful. We have no problem addressing any situation which needs rectification, and there is no difficulty in writing about the mistakes we make. This is a healthy way of gleaning opinion and acting to benefit those who are affected by the issue. Reading and remembering this ‘memo’ is it is recommended ‘Promotion thrives on action and answers’. If there is a desire to promote anything: for example yourself, work, skill or therapy it is of little use reviewing the same information. Constant change and appraisal are essential to the success of the objective. Stay true to the ethos and principals of the original idea, but learn to become expansive and exciting. This aspect can be a problematic aspect of promotion and its one which has to be addressed.

Have fun while learning about and testing the ideas of promotion and never stop working toward success.

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  1. Brilliant article, I am learning very slowly about the need for constant self promotion and I love interacting with people I will take this on board and going into 2018 I look forward to putting lessons learnt into practice. Thanks Rick.

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