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Sometimes we see an item or a range of products which are so different they become fixed in mind. Heather Pedley’s products are an excellent example of this genre. Her art is truly symbolic creativity or should that be creative symbolism? Yesterday’s article will provide the answer to the question and guide the reader into the sentiment of this article.

Yesterday we received an email and a few images from a creative artist. Her work is jewellery which combines many of natures gifts. Each piece is made with infinite care and with apparent investments of time and learning. She has also used a recycled element in some of her pieces which looks fabulous. Unfortunately, I cannot give any further insight into her work or provide images, because I do not have permission at this time.

We would welcome this artist into The Community without a second thought. No one would have the slightest doubt her work has a signature and identity. I am sure she would quickly cover her overheads and show a profit. In fact, there would be no surprise if she became a successful entrepreneur.

Sue and Christina's Forever Living Products
Sue and Christina’s Forever Living Products

Along with the images of the products we received three pictures of her stall set up. It looks as if our potential community member had been trading for years. It is immaculate and ticks every presentation box.

Cover cloths are the same colour and fit down to the floor. So the first time you look at the set up from a distance, it says “Come and have a look-see”. There are plenty of items on the table, although, it is not cluttered. Finally, everything is priced, and there are contact card and information.

As I reviewed the products and presentation, my mind returned to our own experience with retail. I am convinced there are three keys to success: Presentation: Product: Attitude. Nothing more is needed, when combined, this trio will win every time. Presentation and product will not work without attitude and attitude will not succeed without presentation and product. We are not in a supermarket we work in a very specialist environment and visitors are discerning clients and customers.

Therefore the need it to match their expectations and this can require hard choices. We have to decide how we wish to be perceived. Campbell Wallace always pays for his Author table next to his and Carol’s crystal stand. I think he is very wise, there is no crossover of goods, and our visitors can either talk about crystals or Campbell’s writing in the relative areas. Campbell and Carol have booked the same set-up for next year so it must work. It is interesting that their crystal stand is in constant evolution. This year alone they have changed the lighting system and shelving on the tables, no doubt we’ll see changes in 2018. Constant development is good, and visitors feel the impact of people who work to improve the presentation.

Kirstie Wood never stops evolving in both style and range of products. Sandi-joy Pinkney produces a unique and popular variety of prayer beads. The Soul Sister’s travel to the Far-East on buying trips. Here are three examples of Community Members working to provide the visitor with great products and service. We can be proud of their presentations; they are a credit to the community.

Selection Of Kirstie's Products
Selection Of Kirstie’s Products

Whenever visitor sees an excellent presentation, they are more likely to stop, look, talk and buy. It is important to remember this is an accurate observation. It is suggested we consider the presentation as much as the stock on the presentation. A visitor at Lincoln said to me “The show is fantastic, there is something about it ‘I cannot put my finger on’: it is not just the atmosphere’. I suggested it was the care The Community put into their presentation. She answered, “I think you have a point”.

I return to yesterdays enquiry: the prospective community member understood the importance of clear communication and information. Although her business is relatively young, the thoughts and ideas evident in the images instil a feeling of expertise. It is suggested if the presentation has this effect in an initial communication, we can be sure it will have a brilliant response with our visitors.

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