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The most successful people are the centre of their world. We all know success requires dedication, although the commitment has to be focused. For some, the objective is considered from the early hours to the end of the day. There are others who begin the day with a determination to succeed one step at a time. Either way has its merit and is worth considering for those who wish to stand alone.

During the last ten years, I have recorded conversations with hundreds of successful people. There is a formula for success which many follow: they attain a qualification in a chosen subject and work within a business for a decent salary. It is a process which works well for millions of people. No matter how successful the individual is in the company, we should accept much of the success is due to being part of an organisation.

Legal experts, health professionals, financial advisors and salespeople all prosper by being part of an organisation. They are specialists cogs in a mechanism called ‘expertise’. I am not writing that they could not succeed by working solo, the suggestion is their chances of prosperity is greater in a group. In fact: the customer benefits from group practices: for example years ago my dentist was a nice man who ran his private practice. I moved to another city and signed up for a large practice on the campus. Wow! I’d entered a different world, modern equipment and fresh attitude.

The realisation was the previous dentist had failed to re-invest in his surgery. No doubt he earned extraordinary profits from his practice, truth to tell he did not reinvest in his patient’s dental health. If he’d been part of a group practice, he may have earned slightly less, although his prestige would have been more considerable. The group practice’s which succeed pool resources and acquire the best tools to give the best service or treatment.

We consider LizianEvents in the same light. Our objective is the success of ‘The Community’. We understand the importance of evolution and reinvestment. There is no interest in expanding the number of venues. Our attention is focussed on making the best of what is available to our community. We will NOT move away from this ethos; it is the soul of our endeavour.

As more of The Community realise the integrity of our words, the stronger we become. More people join our group and the stronger The Community becomes. The Community Ethos is an absolute winning formula, and the best part is all the Community Member needs to remember this: By becoming part of The Community and understanding the motivational force the chances of personal success is very high indeed.

Readers should accept we are the first organisers to insist on community and integration. We will not waiver from this most important aspect of our shows. There are many changes coming in 2018. These are designed to attract more visitors and keep the shows fresh for those who return. Liz and I will make significant investments in time and material commitment over the coming years. The plans we have are already being instigated and will be ready for the following year.

The loyalty of reader to The Daily News is fantastic. Figures steadily grow each month and no doubt there will be a tipping point where the numbers will climb to a 1000+ a day rather than 1500+ each week. Every time this page is read there is someone who becomes aware of our work: and by ‘our’ I refer to The Community. We have a few stalwarts who make comments, and it is interesting to discover they are the ones who seem to be enjoying great success in their work. Coincidence? No, the ‘News’ may help to some degree, the fact is the regular contributors are winning because they use every avenue possible to find success.

This is a world of communication and communication, and ‘News’ is expected by people who are interested in your work. Dave Harper is accurate in his statement ‘it’s no use promoting a week before the show’. Those who take advantage of being a part of The Community will heighten their chances of success. The members who take advantage of the available assets – ‘The News’ – Video production – Audio Interviews – Community Profiles – will enhance their profile and in turn their pleasure and enjoyment of their work and objectives.


  1. What I love for me is that while I don’t have all the answers it has been a fantastic albeit steep at times learning curve this year. It is no coincidence that I have asked spirit to bring to me the people who will help me with my own version of success. I cannot thank all of the community enough for helping me and with the markers that are being laid down for the future I cannot wait for the coming years. Success is achieved by hard work and the willingness to learn whilst remaining humble, tick tick and tick for me.

    • Wise words Rick -It is important for the reader to know that your proactive attitude and involvement is very much part of your success. While The Community idea is essential for overall success the individuals within the community need to be successful in their own right. This symbiotic arrangement is likened to a social beehive where we work together with the objective of mutual prosperity and security. As always thank you for your contribution – Ian

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