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All of my life, I have lived in the small industrial town of Belper situated in the Derbyshire Dales. For many years I was a doctor’s secretary, a vocation which calls for discretion and confidentiality. Empathetic interaction is important when dealing with people who are going through a painful episode; we have to be able to demonstrate understanding and kindness when talking to a patient with concerns about their health. On reflection, I believe my time at the surgery prepared me for the future.

My Great Aunt (another Elizabeth) was psychic. She captivated me during my early years, her thoughts and ideas always helped me find my answers to questions. It is all well and good for someone to provide solutions, it is best when we are given the insight to work through our difficulties. There is little doubt the seeds of my gifts came from this beautiful lady.

As the years passed, I realised building trust and sincerity was fundamental to living a life of security. The realisation that spiritual awareness had guided me during my lifetime became the reason for me to make a major choice. An interest in the symbolism of the Tarot had the inevitable consequence of becoming a ‘reader,’ and for some years I helped clients through various situations. My reputation grew directly from the quality of the readings.

My job was secure and rewarding, however, my spiritual work was drawing me away from it. I continuously listened to the same message from clients and friends ‘Julie, when are you going to become a professional reader?’ A choice needed to be made between a daily routine or following my heart.

The Beginning of A Reading
The Beginning of A Reading

My friend, ‘Jewel Marie Leaf, ’ is a well respected clairvoyant and spiritual teacher. If there were anyone who could guide me, it would be Jewel. We spoke in depth about the options and our work. Jewel was convinced of my abilities, and so I gave notice to my employer and became a professional reader. Right from the beginning doors opened; I had no difficulty entering the Mind Body and Spirit events circuit; The experience has been an incredible and life-changing experience. Every week I meet new friends and associates, and I travel all over the country with my work; most of all I enjoy helping people through their difficulties or finding answers to their issues. There can be few more rewarding way to earn a living.

I use the symbolism of the Tarot, Runes and Germanic Alphabet to connect with my clients. Honesty and integrity are at the heart of my readings. I interpret the messages given by my Spirit Guides to benefit my clients. We work together to find definitive answers to questions and messages from loved ones are given with kindness and clarity.

My clients are important to me and no matter how sensitive the information, you can be sure each message and guidance will be of the highest standard. We will cover present and future aspects of your life. It is important to discover the aspects which can be taken advantage of and the issues which should be closed.

Always Smiling
Always Smiling

Julie Elizabeth

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