Darren will be joining us at The Lincoln Well Being Show. It is worth spending a few minutes in conversation with this fascinating man.

Like many of our Community, he is passionate about guiding fellow humans to live a prosperous life. At a recent TED talk Darren excelled, the audience appreciation and applause was a testament to the quality of his presentation. He travels extensively in Europe, presenting lectures in body language, and the reasons people take shortcuts to failure. Shortcuts to failure? Yes! Darren is convinced ninety percent of deceptions are destined to fail and the remaining eight percent can be detected. Sadly, two percent of deceptions cause distress to the victims.

Darren has taken part in numerous television programs in the U.K and America: and a regular presenter on Russian television. Not a week goes by when his voice and opinion is to be heard on both local and national radio. During the last two general election candidates were closely scrutinised using his undisputed talent and the predictions made came to fruition. His assessment of Mrs May is profound and surprising. Assessments of the Trump – Putin Summit revealed immense power play between the two world leaders. His opinion and expertise are sought by national newspapers and magazines. He is an accomplished journalist and freelance writer. Darren’s book ‘Project Jam Jar’ is recognised as a premier self-help reference point. 

Meet this interesting man at The Well Being Shows – He will be happy to talk about his work and future plans. Darren is also presenting a superb talk at the Show: Here are the details:

“Darren began his UK  Television and Media Career back in 2010 when he was asked to assess the  UK Prime Ministerial TV Live debates For the General Election. 

Prior to this Darren spent his days investigating and dealing with liars, cheats and criminals as a Police Officer. 

Since then Darren has been a regular on our TV screens and Radio with appearances on some of the nations biggest shows, like The One Show on BBC1 This Morning on ITV1, as well as appearing alongside Criminal Barrister, Judge Rinder on his ITV show, Crime Stories. 

Darren will be delivering an enthralling talk for the first time at the shows entitled ‘ to be honest with you ‘ which is the title of his forthcoming book. 

Darren’s talk never fails to inspire, educate and entertain”

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