Not L.E.N? Not Accurate!

I receive a message ‘Have you seen this?’

I read the post and members of The Community are made aware of the problem. They are not too pleased. Within half an hour – a phone call:

Q. ’How damaging is this to the Community Ian?’
A. ’No doubt people will read the headline and not click the link to the facts written in LizianEvents News article. There is every possibility people who do not know us will read the headline and believe The Community’s show failed.’
Q. ’What will you do?’
A. ’I’ll deal with it with an accurate rebuttal: without bias or reference to the source of the original post’
Q. ’Do you think it could set us back?’
A. ’Well there will be some who will think it’s not important and insignificant. To my mind, if one person begins to gossip, Chinese whispers will damage the reputation of the shows. It is clear people already see the sentiment as damaging. The Community does: as it is replying to the comment. They see the danger, as I do, I’ll consider my public reply very carefully indeed. Our Reputation is paramount to our long-term success’.

A barrage of replies is put on the post by Community Members. The post disappears. We keep the screenshots. It is clear the sentiment of the responses are in our favour. However, as we all know, memories are often focussed on negative aspects of an event: Not the reality or truth, so much so, I continue to receive personal messages about the post days later.

I’ll comment and move on:

First a confession: I wondered if I’d be labelled ‘moaner’ for writing about plagiarism and those who slight LizianEvents work. And I have similar concerns about writing this article. This is a risk worth taking, there is an important issue to be reviewed.

I have absolute dedication to The Community: 

I encourage interaction and seek Visitors and Community Members opinions about our organisation. If there is doubt about any situation I will clarify my points of view. When there are questions asked about our work or ethos the public response may be written without reference to the individual asking the question. There is a continuous reappraisal of our methods and plans, everything we do is Community centred.

Loyalty is an important attribute; no one should doubt my devotion to The Community:

Everyone sees me walking the floor at every show. I listen to and record conversations, and this why I have a real feeling for Community and Visitor opinions. Community and Visitors know they can offer points of view or critic without concern for rebuke. Open-mindedness and fairness are core to my thinking and decision making. We will not allow our objectives to be undermined by inaccurate infomation. There must be no mistake or room for doubt: we will NOT allow the extraordinary commitment of The Community to be damaged in any way. No individual will harm the hard earned reputation of The Community.

I read the post headline:

‘It looks like we weren’t the only one with a quiet but fabulous fair over the weekend.’

The Post in Question
The Post in Question

Now review the words below the picture – This is the LEN headline – ‘The beautiful weather affected our attendance figures’ There is NO reference to the show being ‘quiet’ in this introduction: Indeed there is NO reference to the show being ‘quiet’ anywhere in the article. 

There is no interest in the ‘but fabulous fair’ comment: 

The damage is in the word ‘quiet’ because this implies the Nottingham show was poorly attended. This is the information the reader focussed on and is potentially (more like certainly) damaging. There will be those who will comment – ‘I do not ‘read it this way’. That’s fine; they are not the problem. It is those who read the post and make a negative interpretation of the headline who are cause for concern. These good people are the potential problem for The Community.

Do not dismiss this article as ‘overreaction’:  

At best: the conclusion is the ‘headline’ is ambiguous: however read it for your self. The conclusion is: most people who read it, believed it to be damaging and of detriment to attending Community at the Nottingham Well Being Show. The LEN review of the show revealed the attendance was lower than the previous show. It was NOT poorly attended. The show was not ‘quiet’ it was vibrant and enjoyed by all who attended.

The Community read the post and rallied round and made comments on the post, eventually it was pulled down. To my mind, there was damage to our reputation. I cannot believe many would not read the actual and factual article. Incidentally, it is not important to me whether one or a thousand read the headline. Evidence suggests it has caused offence and setback.

What do I learn from this?

In a word – Nothing!

Situations arise, and it is essential to demonstrate there is no fear in reviewing difficult problems. My method is to reveal the facets of a situation and allow people to draw their conclusions. If someone makes a comment or damages the reputation of The Community, I will not run from my responsibility to protect the hard work, time and money invested by The Community. 

Further Thoughts?

On Thursday I receive a message from a longstanding Community Member:

Expletives Removed
Expletives Removed

→ Yes, the readership of LEN increased and in this aspect, the post worked in our favour. Although we cannot dismiss the potential damage of those who read the headline and did not read the article. My reply is a clear indication we would not BLOCK people from the social media platforms. Indeed, we are considering making the LizianEvents Group an open and public group.

→ And note, the Community Member acknowledge’s other organisers are deterred from our shows. It is not personal; it is one of our agreed terms and conditions. And yes! we would charge anyone who touts for business at the shows. I have never seen a Sainsbury representative in Tesco. Would you see Iron Maiden’s manager touting for fans at an AC/DC concert? The answer is no, and it will never happen at a LizianEvents Well Being Show. I don’t care a jot what other people do or allow. We follow our objective, another individual’s methods are of no concern. 

Liz and I do not claim to organise – fabulous – brilliant – fantastic – shows. We organise the infrastructure of the show; The Community is the show. When someone comments about the show, they comment on The Community’s work. If someone demeans the work of The Community, it is my job to clarify the situation.

The Community is a social beehive:

I’d recommend The Community’s hive of success is left well alone: They do not like to be disturbed when producing a nectar of Well Being.

See You Soon

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  1. It seems to me you are taking Lizian Events community to another level. I have searched the internet and cannot find another organiser of any genre who has the forsight to bring the exhibitors together to this degree. People may attempt to follow your lead and they are too late off the mark. It is now obvious that your intention is to grow an incredible show/event which is to become nationally recognised. I can see there is a clear and defined plan to your success. Those who are part of the community will reap the rewards for being associated with an organisation that supports their loyalty. Yes, this is a hard post, the message is clear, you will not allow anyone to ruin the reputaion of those who place thier faith in your plans and objectives. This is a fair and well balanced appraisal of difficult situation. Janine

    • You sum up the article and the ethos of our organisation with insight Janine. Liz and I are dedicated to the success of The Community. We are indeed a Community based organisation and it is gratifying to see many people are accepting the foundations of our work. The Community will reap the rewards of their work and the momentum to success is growing. Liz and I feel the shows will blossom into a well recognised and unique format. 2019 and 2020 are already on the calendar and I’m about to release this year’s Newark Community list which is 55 members strong – Many thanks for your comment – Ian

  2. Love it, this article just conjured up an image of a ferocious serve at tennis being returned with equal vigour back across the net. I for one commented on the “article” my event was not quiet, my saturday was quieter than usual but the Sunday more than made up for it. The weather in my mind rightfully won the weekend, at no time during the event was I sat quiet, I network I talk to people I listen to others advice and guidance, I benefit from community members and organisers wise words in my own personal journey to being a “well being”. Being in “profit” doesn’t always mean monetary gain but I was in profit both financially and emotionally as well, the atmosphere at Trowell was brilliant and it was generated by the various clients and community members who pull together along with the organisers to put on a great event. From a visitor to a lot of events myself faced with a three day weekend that was absolutely beautiful and sunny I would have headed outside or to the coast as well. I know that Ian and Liz make no excuses or feel the need to justify attendance numbers as they know their approach and ethos works. I however do feel the need to take a defensive stance I as a community member am very fortunate to be at events that are excellently promoted managed and structured, the events are set up so everyone can thrive weather is not something Lizian can control. My own personal opinion as a man at the event exhibiting was it was brilliant, the atmosphere the bonding of the community members the diversity of the clients made it a successful weekend, anyone reading Ians original article fully will note that the attendance was down by 45 people on the last Trowell event, did that affect the atmosphere, the organisation , the whole weekend my answer “not a jot” detractors or anyone thinking that stuff likes this damages the community ethos then I finish this post with “move along nothing to see here”.

  3. As I said in my post in the group that day.

    “When the evidence speaks for itself, there is no need to justify it.

    When someone uses that evidence against you, there’s no need to defend it.

    Stop wasting energy doing the above, it only brings you down to their level

    Those who understand what I’m talking about 😉

    Otherwise move along nothing to see here 🙄”

    Whilst I understand people wanting to defend the community and it’s hard work, along with Liz & Ian’s.

    Personally in my mind, more you fuel the fire, then that’s when people think there IS something to talk about. Ignore these posts, don’t reply and the fire doesn’t even get started.

    Ironically later the following day I was approached by the person who made that post and asked if I would like to exhibit at their shows 🤔🙄

    • As you know Dale Liz and I have no interest in other peoples work or objectives. As far as I’m concerned it is impossible to be LizianEvents. The plans we have for 2018 take us nearer to the objective. We work (as you know) relentlessly to promote the Community’s shows. I am making changes to the LEN page – Would you like a trial advert?

    • Well said, Alchemy Products- Rick Paul & janinelovereiki . I was not in Trowell but i am sure the show was good for all those who attended– Ignore jealous,small-minded people, they do not reach our ankles!–I’d drop the topic: it’s old stuff, and numerous people will not have read that silly, badly worded, untrue ‘comment’! Let’s show them what we can all do in our lively LINCOLN Well Being Show!

  4. I didn’t give it air time to be honest. There will always be pigs and troughs for events as other activities are on around them and the weather plays its part to all. Yesterdays news, tomorows chip paper. Looking forward to Lincoln

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