This free talks list must be one of the most diverse and comprehensive talks lists for our Well Being Shows. The Visitor can enjoy these free talks throughout of the day. There will also be a series of demonstrations on the stage in the Well Being – Body Hall.

Programme of Free talks and mini workshops
33 free talks and mini workshops

Saturday 2 June ~ Room 1: 

11.00: Peter Wall ~ Academy of Clinical Hypnosis
Facing a Career Change – Consider Hypnosis:

Are you bored with your current job? Are you fed up with same old routine? Does your current job leave you frustrated? Would you like to help people and at the same time be your own boss? Then becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist could be the answer. Peter Wall, a Clinical Hypnotherapist for over 17 years is combining his skills and experience during those years to now teach and train people who may wish to consider a career change or to add Hypnotherapy to their bow. This talk will give you a brief insight into Hypnotherapy, its benefits, and becoming a Clinical Hypnotherapist.

(Courses are fully accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapy.)

12.00: Noel Hogan ~ author ‘Spiritual Sat Nav’
Trust your Spiritual Sat Nav:

Noel talks about his book and how he takes a forensic look at the relationship between the self and the way society influences you, preventing you from living your life and being who you should be. Noel takes the audience through the purpose of the book and explains the benefits.

1.00: Robert Hawk ~ Hawk’s House
All you want to know about CBD oil:

In this presentation, Robert dispels the myths, using the real facts, and clarifies just what is CBD oil – removing the confusion and confirming the legality and ease of use.  As the product grows in popularity amongst patients asking for more natural remedies, there is often confusion about what is CBD Cannabis oil?  Can I buy it?  How do I use it? Which Colour and how many drops? Which strength for which condition? Join Robert Hawk for the answers to these questions.

2.00: David Schofield ~ Ethical Organiser
How To Build Your Business and Help More People:

David is a holistic business coach, who is driven to support purpose-driven entrepreneurs to impact as many lives as possible. Through his own journey, he realised the common pitfalls that are faced by purpose-driven entrepreneurs and what to do about them. In this talk, David will illuminate what’s really going on for you, taking all of you into account, whilst offering some ‘gob-smackingly’ simple solutions for how you can take your business forward.For more information about David’s work, visit:

3.00: Steven Blake ~ OldPain2Go
Transform Your Life on Automatic:

We all know what the “right things to do” are. The fact that we don’t then do them shows that our conscious efforts are somewhat lacking. We need to deal with the new ways of living our life at the level the old learning’s live at. Steven will explain how to remove our old mental programs and replace them with the new desired ones.

4.00: Rick Paul ~ Spiritual Medium
I am just me:

My journey, my desire to inspire – leading to communications with spirit.  Rick’s presentation is unique and receives excellent reviews from attendees.  The combination of a life journey dispersed with anecdotes and intuitive messages captures the imagination of the audience and leaves them with a memorable experience.

Saturday 2 June ~ Room 2:

11.00: Kevin Doe ~ Aura Interpretations
All About Auras:

During this talk Kevin will be offering explanations of the following:

– Who am I?
– What is an Aura?
– How can I experience it?
– How I read your Aura at shows
– About Colours & More.

12.00: Carole Catterall ~ Positive Resonance
A demonstration of ‘Positive Resonance’:

Today’s talk is about energy and the human aura, in particular the effects that thoughts, words and emotions have on our energy field; how this impacts the body’s meridian and chakra energy pathways; the tissues and organs they feed and ultimately our general health and wellbeing. The talk will be followed by a fun, interactive session – involving a set of dowsing rods, and some very simple actions carried out by a few willing members of the audience – to demonstrate the effects of this energy in action. Join Carole, for this  interesting and enlightening session!

1.00: Christina Warr ~ Forever Living
Forever Living – Looking after your Health and Wealth:

At a crossroads in your life?  Wondering what your future holds? 

Come and see how you can take back control of your life and what the Forever Living Network can offer you.

2.00: Alan Wood ~ Native American traditions:

Alan has travelled extensively visiting Native American sacred sites, reservations, meeting and spending time with the people and gaining an understanding of their history and culture.  In his talk Alan discusses the following:

– Smudging – What is Smudging? and why it is practised
– What Shamanism is & the different cultures that practice
– Alan’s personal Journey with spirituality & Shamanism

Alan will also talk a little about Native American people, their cultures & the difference between the different lifestyles they have .

3.00: Justin Iles ~ Central Wellness Yoga Studio:

Mindfulness Meditation:

Justin Iles teaches mindfulness sessions at the Centre, alongside certified 8 week mindfulness courses and is a Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) teacher. He is a qualified Psychotherapist specialising in working in local schools with children and adolescents.  Join Justin for a relaxing meditation to bring mindfulness into your day.

4.00: Samantha Sutherland ~ Toxic Free Home:

Aroma Freedom Technique:

Come and join Samantha as she explains how Aroma Freedom Technique is helping thousands of people globally to achieve greater happiness, harmony, personal accomplishment and fulfilment. Employing the power of aroma and using Young Living essential oils, Aroma Freedom Technique can help you connect to the dreams that spring from your heart, identify and release exactly what is holding you back and transform negative thoughts, beliefs and emotions. A technique so simple it can be done alone or with a practitioner.

Saturday 2 June ~ Room 3:

1.00: Dathan Berry ~ SolRox
Ocean Spa Therapy:

‘A revolution in our understanding of what we are made of and where we came from, new science on the Oceans that will change your Life for good; We Bring Light, We Bring Healing, We Bring Love’.

The healing power of the sea in YOUR hands and feet.  Not only is Dathan the premier retailer of Himalayan Rock Salt products in the UK, his business SolRox also trains therapists to the highest professional level.  His qualified therapists provide nationwide coverage offering Ocean Spa Therapy.  His knowledge is second to none, if you desire to learn about salt and minerals for your wellbeing you’ll discover a talk based on scientific evidence full of anecdotes and examples.

2.00: Claire Hegarty ~ Emperor Training Solutions Ltd
An Introduction to the Wizard’s Secrets – mini workshop:

An Introduction to The Wizard’s Secrets is a wide range of Ancient and Spiritual  teachings from around the world, including Huna – Ancient Hawaiian Shamanism and how we can bring these Ancient teachings into every day life, to create more health, wealth, success and happiness.

Saturday 2 June ~ Room 4:

1.00: Wai Cheung ~ Trans.Form

The 3 Essential Steps to Creating a Meaningful Life (where you can truly make a difference in the world)! Does your current work-life drain your energy and leave you wishing that things were different?

Is your Soul screaming out to be more involved in your daily life and does your Heart feel left out by what you do for most of your waking hours?

In this mini-workshop you will: 

– Identify the 3 most powerful steps towards having the work-life you want, and how to break through the obstacles that have been stopping you.
– Learn how to gain a clearer sense of direction for yourself.
– Gain insight into how you can overcome the confusion and fear that stops you in your tracks.
– Experience how you can reduce the power that your doubts have over you and begin to move towards your true, meaningful work-life. You will leave this workshop with new skills and renewed energy for making your most meaningful life a reality!

2.00: John Richardson ~ Feel Better Fast

Past Life Regression and Spiritual Connections – Including John’s fascinating demonstration of why ‘Hypnosis’ is nothing to fear!

John Richardson has been a professional Stage Hypnotist and Holistic Hypnotherapist for many years.  His now legendary talks and demonstrations are packed with information and fun – yes fun!  You will soon see all the benefits of hypnosis and how hypnotherapy can help you.

Sunday 3 June ~ Room 1:

11.00: Jurga Proudlove ~ doTERRA

Learn how to manage your mood, emotions and hormones with Nature’s Fragrant Pharmacy – doTERRA’s Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils:

– Do you feel like you are on a huge rollercoaster when it comes to your moods and emotions?
– Would you like to feel more in control of your emotional health?
– Would your children and family benefit from you having more balanced hormones
-Would you prefer to feel more level-headed at work as well as at home?

At this talk you will learn how we can tap into nature to help manage our moods, emotions and hormones in a more natural way with the help of plant power.

12.00: Claryn Nicholas ~ Certified Health Coach
Calm Mind, Healthy Body: Taking inspired actions to transform your life:

Topics for discussion:

– Knowing your needs
– Letting go of the ego
– The ‘will’ in action

1.00: Emma Gowshall ~ Animal Communication
Acupressure and alternative therapies for pets:

Learn how acupressure and muscle release can make a tremendous difference for animals from treating old ages, aches and pains to agility injuries.  Alternative therapies including coconut therapies and how adding to your dogs diet can alter their health inside and out

2.00: David Albans ~ Journey Into Wholeness

3.00: Teri Clayton (MPharmS) ~ Rooted in Simplicity
The importance of our gut and the soil:

In the world of wellbeing, the message of the importance of nutrition has always been strong, with the next diet programme offering gains in health that are as over-inflated as their cost. Yet there is little recognition of the obvious issue of soil health, the elephant in the room is that we will soon have little access to nutritious food. I have started working with local land to improve access to healthy soil and therefore nutrient dense food. This is my way of working towards my aspirations of alleviating unnecessary suffering and it is rooted simply in the health of the land I call home.

4.00: Barrie John Medium
‘Can you feel it?’:

Join Barrie John as he takes you through the steps of developing your Psychic abilities and proving that you can do this too. This will be an interactive talk with public participation were you will be giving mini Psychic readings, please note that this workshop will also touch on Mediumistic abilities. So feel free to bring along your questions reading for the Q & A session, and join in.

Sunday 3 June ~ Room 2:

11.00: Divine I – Astrology

Beyond the Sun Sign

12.00: Brigitte Rix ~ Clairaudient Medium, Spiritual Teacher, Channelling Author of 5 published books, channelled from High Dimensions of the ‘Spirit World’
The secret way to deal with your Fears, Tears, Struggles & Puzzles:

This lively, interactive talk gives you the chance to ASK YOUR QUESTIONS to medium Brigitte ‘The Afterlife French Lady’ :

Such as, are you:

– struggling with the loss of a loved one?
– wondering whether they could give you ‘a sign’ they are ok?
– challenged by health troubles?
– wanting to improve links with a difficult person?
– worried by imminent dangers and shortages worldwide?
– troubled by revelations from whistleblowers?
– puzzled by orbs, premonitions and paranormal happenings?
– wishing you could unfold psychic abilities?

1.00: Philip Underwood ~ The Anahata Centre
Accessing Higher States of Consciousness:

In the 1980’s Philip spent thousands of hours meditating and accessing higher states of consciousness whilst on a five-year retreat from our commercial world. Since then he’s been teaching others how to access them and what to expect when they do. Warning – accessing higher states of consciousness can seriously improve your life!

2.00: Campbell Wallace ~ author of bestselling book ‘Second Chance’:

Man’s most feared situation is the ‘final sleep’.  Imagine being told that you have only weeks to live and one chance for survival.  Campbell talks about the weeks leading up to his double lung transplant and recovery and taking his life back.  A truly inspiration talk about survival, positive mental attitude, and Campbell’s Second Chance.  This popular talk is presented by a respected and loved man.

3.00: Claire Hegarty ~ Emperor Training Solutions 

Secrets to Success: 

Secrets to Success, shares how techniques like NLP, Time Line Therapy ®, Hypnosis can enable people to get into the most empowering mindset, by removing mental/emotional blocks and barriers, such as negative emotions and limiting beliefs and teach people how to then go forward and achieve their goals – in all areas of life – consistently, creating the best quality of life both personally and professionally they can.

Sunday 3 June ~ Room 3

1.00: T.B.A

2.00: Don Harradine ~ Qi Gong Workshop
Practical Insight into the Chinese Internal Arts:

Chinese Internal Arts Health and Exercises:

The workshop will be presented by Don Harradine: Master Instructor (6th Duan) for the Zhong Ding International Martial Arts Association

The workshop will be an introduction to Chinese and Malaysian health and well-being systems and will cover:

– An introduction to Tai Chi (Taiji), Chi-Gong, Ilmu and associated internal arts; including their history and development.
– The various theoretical underpinnings will be examined in terms of how they influence the styles of Chi-Gong available.
– The potential benefits of these types of exercise.
– An exploration of the different approaches to these internal arts and what makes them different and what would be best for each individual.
– An opportunity to try and participate in a practical demonstration.

Don will identify the main aspects of the arts and dispel some of the myths that hide their important functions.  The important lesson from these arts is to have fun and relax and do what helps you!

Sunday 3 June ~ Room 4

1.00: Darren Stanton ~ Body Language Consultant
Introduction to Body Language:

Darren will be delivering an enthralling talk for the first time at the shows entitled ‘ to be honest with you ‘ which is the title of his forthcoming book.

Darren’s talk never fails to inspire, educate and entertain. He introduces the audience to tips and techniques to help you in your workplace or family life.

3.00: Robert Hawk ~ Hawks House

In this presentation, Robert dispels the myths, using the real facts, and clarifies just what is CBD oil – removing the confusion and confirming the legality and ease of use.  As the product grows in popularity amongst patients asking for more natural remedies, there is often confusion about what is CBD Cannabis oil?  Can I buy it?  How do I use it? Which Colour and how many drops? Which strength for which condition? Join Robert Hawk for the answers to these questions.

4.00: Paula North ~ Isagenix
How to Fight off the Ageing Process with Nutrition: 

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