I have read with interest recently about the build-up to shows, and how to actively promote yourself, the good thing is we have LEN to use as a platform. This is my submission, and this article will address a few things as well as hopefully provide some insight into my work and how I build up to the excellent shows I attend.

This is the second year of being promoted by Lizian events and have loved every show that I have attended: the opportunity to advance and promote myself has been freely offered to me by Liz and Ian and fellow community members, this has been enthusiastically taken up. I would encourage all who wish to find success to look seriously at what LizianEvents has to offer by way of promotion. No one ‘tells you what to do’ everything needed for visitor awareness is there for you to take advantage. I would predict this organisation will grow on the internet and social platform visibility and I for one will use every pixel of what is available.

From my perspective, I am open and honest with what I want to achieve and also in the way that I work; so this article as a platform to reiterate what I “do” and how I desire to contribute to peoples “well being”. I am happy to promote and share others people’s stories and work to help the community members progress and succeed. I follow the Lizian ethos of “sharing is caring”, and as Ian has written in previous articles this isn’t just a one day a week thing:  The Lizian Events Well Being Shows needs active and consistent promotion and participation by community members for all of the community to grow in stature. 

Remember: In life, everything we nourish, will grow and bear fruit: 

This brings me to the crux of these musings, I am a regular contributor to these pages. Writing articles commenting on forums and sharing others articles is essential to me, I am an open book and consider I am following an ever-evolving spiritual learning path. We all know this journey has its highs and lows, celebrations and disappointments. This is the way we become strong and able to enjoy our experiences; whether good or bad. 

Recently, my integrity was criticised. All are welcome to critic my work: but never question my integrity I work with the highest of moral and honest ethics. An individual questioned the way that I work and what I do (I hasten to add this was not at a Lizian event) so I thought I would take the opportunity to give the reader an insight into my mind on the build-up to shows and beyond.

The main reason I attend each show is to help people. It is also fair to earn money to continue with my work (it is important to cover our overheads – massive profit is not the priority). Between shows, I spend an immense amount of time thinking how I can improve myself and my connection to the spirit worlds and this helps me help others.

My spiritual persona is the one who arrives at the shows in the noisy waistcoats he is the part of me that doesn’t worry he just follow the purpose of the weekend. Now, I have written many words in previous articles about separating my persona to go on platform or appear at shows all while maintaining a full-time job. The more shows I attend, the more I realise how vital each part of the psyche is, the stronger the realisation the closer to uniting them I come. When I arrive at the venue, and the analytical me sets up the table: The spiritual me is inviting spirit to draw closer in readiness for readings, talks or platform work an this is when he will do the introductions. 

Nerves and excitement play a big part in my appearances:

In the talk room my analytical side takes to the floor and explains that the spiritual me does not have an ego: However, the waistcoat does! And it thrives on the energies generated by the people present, I then explain that I do not guarantee to have a message for every person.  And the messages are the given, I cannot interpret or expand upon the words or symbols which spirit gives. 

Allow me to expand:

During talks: I’ll provide insight into my journey so far: after a short while the spiritual me and the energies draw my attention to the fact it is time to stop working so analytically. I gracefully take a step back and allow the energies to come through, and “messages” can then be given.

I give exactly what is received: however,  people have their own perceptions and expectation of what they want to hear and sometimes reject the message because they don’t want to listen to the message: or may not be ready for the information.

People are swift to give labels to individuals and situations. People also can get very hung up on whether you are a medium or a psychic and where the information is coming from. The answer for me is that I “trust” spirit energy and what they are telling me it is not a process that spiritual me needs to take to pieces that’s the other guy’s job. I find that a 90 plus% of feedback received is positive, but like everything you will get the people who just won’t like you or get you and have animosity towards you, they won’t like you psychically reading them, or the mediumistic side of what you give isn’t quite right. 

I will address this by saying I start out all of my work by asking for what is for the persons higher and greater good and always, always want to highlight how unique the individual is and to help them towards becoming a “well-being” and hopefully a step towards self-enlightenment.

I do not really know what I do, I don’t know whether I am a psychic, a medium or any other such label. I only know I work with the highest intent, I work intuitively and give exactly what I get, and I am passionate about what I do. I will not make things fit just to suit a person’s needs as that is not my decision to make. I am empathic and spirit work with me to help people process what is going on around them. I read cards with my own method and also believe angels link with me to bring healing in my words. Please know that when I work the client healing is the most essential part of the connection, when and if spirit come through with a message that is a privilege and a bonus.

Analytical me will sometimes hint that I was lucky and where did that come from? Well, where did it come from? The answer is easy, spirit and the first part if it is luck then I am on one hell of a run, and long may it continue if my words help spark a change or inspire then I am indeed a lucky man. Those few critics or sceptics are entitled to think what they like, but I am steadfast in beliefs that my intentions are for the highest and highest good, and I want the best for my clients and that I work from the heart.

My build-up to the events is like a kid waiting for Christmas I feel the energies starting to swirl, and I ask for the most reliable connections I can get all while analytical me is advising about the practicalities that need to be sorted to get me to the event. Preparing is not just the weekend but answering emails answering feedback thinking how I can do better than the last one, learning from peers absorbing the energies all while keeping the ego at bay. It takes some balancing, but I know this  I love doing it. I am always happy to talk to anybody about my spirituality and hope to see you at an event soon. 

To supporter or critic, I thank you. To the fan, you are my sources of inspiration and my inspiration: the critic guides me to consider there are things to change or look at: feedback keeps me grounded. I conclude with these thoughts; I am not a label, I am what I am: I do what I do: I am just me. 

See you all soon and thank you for reading my article.

Bright blessings,



  1. Rick – This is an honest appraisal of a difficult vocation. The worse critics of all are the ‘medium’ who set themselves above others. They may say ‘You’re not a medium – you’re a psychic’ – they are often envious of what they have seen. Then the non-beliver will offer their opinion: There is no relevance to ‘skeptical’ opinion. The essence of spiritual work is to be rock steady and have absolute conviction. Whenever the doubts or insecurities enter the mind it is from a ‘worldly’ perspective. My message to you is ‘The spiritual self is water and emotional – The ego is oil and worldly’ the two Rick will always separate. They will never mix and if you try to do so – the mind will become ful of doubt – Janine

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