Have you wondered why the internet and social media has taken its grip on society? It is because the internet is a social connection which represents and reflects a humans basic need. The need is security and happiness.

The influence is impressive: People share every moment of their lives with friends and family. The depth and breadth of the connection grow almost daily. Can we chose to be connected or not? I doubt whether we have this freedom, if you are connected to the internet, you are connected to the world. The fact is, other people, connect you, you cannot stop their thoughts, words and actions. Someone may mention you in a comment. You may be hash-tagged because of your presence.

The whole idea of connection is changing. Five to twenty-year-olds have no fear of sharing and becoming part of a connected society. The thirty-five plus age group are suspicious of the concept. Many feel there is some danger in being connected. There is a niggling thought someone somewhere will take advantage of the information available.

Truth to tell they are correct. If you use a mobile and you are connected to Facebook and Twitter, specific information is being gathered. Yesterday evening Liz searched for information about Berlin. This morning her weather app suggested she add Berlin to her city list. You either like, loath to accept the situation.

From my perspective, all connections are essential to success. Anyone who wishes to make a success of their ventures has to have a total commitment to making people aware of their presence. Beware if a promotion is started, it cannot be stopped until it is over or you have changed direction. Stop the beat of the jungle drum of promotion and the whole jungle, hears the silence. 

When someone participates and then goes silent people ask why:

Have they ceased trading?
Moved on to other horizons?
Is there a difference of opinion?

In the silence, the listener concludes: “They have finished”.

LEN is fortunate: There are one-hundred and twenty active Community Members involved within the community. Therefore, there is no shortage of subjects and articles for LEN’s daily posts. This is why the readership is solid, and although we experienced a dip during the last thirty day period, the figures are still healthy.

Incidentally: One hundred and twenty is just thirty members short of the maximum of one-hundred and fifty Community Members: a number which now seems within reach.

The social media and email list is an excellent method of awareness. We have an extensive postal list and do not use it because postal mail outs are expensive and do not always achieve good results. Our choice is to become Socially Connected.

We know there can be situations which do not go according to plan. Awareness is the key to success, Vistors must be able to learn about every aspect of Our Well Being Shows. Not only do we have to keep our Visitors aware of the show dates, but it is also essential for the Visitors to be aware of the Community and their work. Let us face the truth, Visitors will only attend shows if they are exciting and interesting. 

Therefore, the Community Profiles will be the focus of attention over the next four months. Yes, there will be an editorial comment, articles and submissions. However, the profiles will take precedent. This will also align with the changes being made to the LizianEvents dot com site. The show guides will be streamlined for Visitor ease of use.  

The Connected Society

The lighthouse is a significant symbol of safety. Not only does it indicate the presence of danger. It signifies there are known and unknown people who care about the mariner’s wellbeing. The intermittent light is saying ‘Here we are – we care’. LEN is our Visitors lighthouse, its daily message is ‘Here is our Community – we care’. 

No matter the situation, people who connect, have the best possible chances of succeeding. Connected societies such as family, friends, work or social environments, require constant nurturing, one ‘hello’, one ‘comment’ a month is not enough. Constant connecting and sharing is the way to prosperity, security, friendship. 

Life is not a game, we feel pleasure in happiness and love. Constant moaning, or finding fault, soon wears the patience of angels. To connect one must be positive and interested in other people. Consistency is essential, by finding a secure rock we can be lighthouses to those who have lost their way. 

I spoke to a man who asked: ‘What can you offer me, by way of assurance, regarding footfall at your shows’ – my answer ‘I can offer you nothing. Assurance? Forget it, nothing is certain. My shows? The shows belong to The Community’. He looked bemused.

LizianEvents offer the best possible way of Community connecting to Visitors. One day, the majority will realise the power of LEN and what is being built today.

I’ll leave you with a thought:

If one Community Member attracts twenty visitors to a Well Being Show. How many Visitors would come to a show with sixty members drawing the same number? 

Make the connection and OUR Well Being shows become a Connected Society. The Community Profiles are crucial to Visitor awareness. Sharing and being active within The Community encourages Vistors to YOUR Well Being Shows.

See You Soon

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  1. All you said Ian, is SPOT ON. Ever so true of what is going on nowadays.Great Food for Thought. Perfect insights & guidance in this ‘modern age’! We all need to UNDERSTAND The Connected Society- Each individual needs to understand the well-thought out vision of our Lizian Events​Community and constantly & heartily participate. Thank you for this reminder and clear eye-opener. xx Brigitte

    • Thank you, Brigitte. To gain awareness one must accept there are millions of people working to be seen. We are visible within a small and close environment, if we wish to become more visible by Visitors, customers and clients, one interaction a month or a few times before a show is not sufficient. many thanks for your dedication to The Community’s future. Ian xx

  2. Never want to bang on about it but the work that is needed is a load to be shared by everybody, the more hands to the pump the lighter the load so share that post, promote others as well as yourself, communicate openly and know there are no rivals in the community just a united team designed to push this opportunity to greater heights. Good article Ian and I enjoyed reading it although from time to time this 46 year old dinosaur struggles with this online world I wholeheartedly believe that it is vital to embrace it in this instance to help promote my business.

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