Angela and Nigel run the Aura Fusion stand. They are an asset to The Community. Aura photography is always popular with Visitors: We feel sure Aura Fusion can help our Visitors to discover alternative ways to become a Well Being with this fascinating aspect of spiritual awareness. Angela is well known and highly respected in this specialist field. Angela is an asset to The Community, bringing expertise, ability and experience to the Well Being Shows.

Aura Fusion : LizianEvents

Aura Fusion

Aura Fusion is the UK ‘s leading Aura Specialists. Our aim is to give everyone the opportunity to see their own aura. We also aim to spread knowledge and understanding about the significance of the aura and its importance to us in our everyday lives.

Your aura is a unique, vibrant, colourful bubble of light energy which surrounds your entire body.

Whole Body : Aura Fusion : LizianEvents
Whole Body : Aura Fusion

Mankind has been fascinated by the concept of the Aura for centuries, and Nikola Tesla took the first documented aura photo in 1891.

Only with Aura Fusion can you have the ultimate aura experience because we use the latest aura imaging technology.

Head & Shoulders : Aura Fusion : LizianEvents
Head & Shoulders : Aura Fusion

The process is really simple, and the results are quite astounding. You simply sit in front of the screen, place your hand on the hand plate and your aura is displayed in front of you.

We then produce your aura photograph with a printout analysis of all your aura colours, which is available for you to take away with you.

Many Thanks – Angela

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  1. Aura photography is quite intriguing ,indeed. It’s fun, and very useful, to see our mental & emotional states at the time reflected in a such a colourful way!
    Welcome to our Lizian Community, Angela & Aura Fusion. 🙂 x

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