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The effect of The Newark Well Being Show has caused strong and positive ripples in the Well Being World. As the requests for information about becoming a Community Member continue to rise: there is a need to provide an insight into our work and ethos.

The total applications for Community Membership have risen to 12 this week. No doubting the impact of this show. No doubt we will continue to grow, and The Community’s work will expand to national awareness.

Community Members

The word Community requires clarification:

The Community is the people who choose to attend each Well Being Show. It is the Community who work together to help each other succeed. Of course, this ethos will not be followed one-hundred per cent of by every attending Community Member. This is fine; it is human nature. However, for the most part, all Community Members understand the ethos.

We are coming near to a tipping point: and when this happens, the majority of Community Members will regularly share, promote and recommend the platform which they use to their advantage. In certainty, the move toward sharing and supporting the Well Being Shows is more visible. This trend can only gain momentum, and those who are new to the platform seem to embellish the idea with relish.

LizianEvents Ltd is not The Community. We designed the architecture of the Well Being Shows and set the parameters and objectives. However, all must be sure, The Community makes or breaks the Well Being Shows. If there are people who have difficulties with choices made by the organisers of the shows, they should direct their complaints toward the directors: Not the Community. Anyone who demeans the shows are not affecting the organisers; they damage The Community. This is a salient point which must never be forgotten.

This article is written for anyone who is considering joining The Community or wishes to discover a greater insight into our intentions and ethos. If The Well Being Shows are to grow and more importantly thrive: The Organisers have to make adjustments and enforce the rules which make us stand apart. Nothing will make us waiver from the objective of giving Community members the best opportunity to thrive. 

It is inevitable some will not enjoy the success of others. We cannot fit into the every Community Members methodology of working. And in truth, not everyone will fit in with the way we work. Again this is fine, in every walk of life, there are people with differing opinions. As organisers we can help with suggestions (if asked) we can also offer suggestions to Community Members who are struggling to make headways. Whether the advice is listened to is a matter of choice.

We would suggest you visit The Community’s Well Being Shows and get a feel for the way the shows function. Talk to Community members about the show and how they are organised. Watch the ‘floor’ and talk to fellow Visitors as you walk around the event. If you feel it is right for you and you have something to offer The Community. You are an email away from beginning the journey.

Remember we are not ‘playing games’: we have every intention of extending the membership of The Community. We intend to take The Well Being Shows to a place of National Recognition. There will be no let-up or respite in the daily promotion of The Community’s Shows and the visibility of the Community Members.

Over the coming weeks, LEN will be dedicating most articles to The Community Members who attended the Newark Well Being Show in September. During this show, I recorded numerous interviews and made many notes which will form the basis of the future articles. We will push the focus of the shows to The Community. 

Community Appraisals

Those of you who are considering joining this fantastic Community should recognise the power of sharing and using the facilities the organisers offer. We ask for a commitment, and in return, we will continue to provide first-class venues; and offer you well organised Well Being Events and 365 days a year promotion. It is possible you will not be able to attend every show; the booking list grows weekly. However, you should join The Community, use the classified advertisements and rapidly growing directory. Both of these assets will always be free to utilise for your benefit.

We have never once approached anyone to join as a Community Member. We do not fish for Community Members on the internet. We give accurate attendance figures for every Well Being Show. Our prices and payment structure is fair and without bias. Every Community Member pays the same rate per table for their genre.

If you have an interest in The Community’s Well Being Shows: Look through the 500+ articles on this daily news platform. Talk to people at the Well Being Shows, and for anyone who is prepared to understand the ethos of the shows, they can grow with us into the future.

See You Soon


  1. Clearly explained! Transparency and constant updating by Liz & Ian means: the Community is always aware of how and why decisions are made for the good of all.

    And sharing and promoting our fellow members’ work, as well as our own, means we become more and more aware of, and interested in, and supporting each other’s activities…
    Cheerfully working side by side, not against each other!

    Result? Smiles, friendship and togetherness, exuding positive vibrations… which attract and bathe our dear Visitors! Everyone is then a Well Being!

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