Here is the initial Lincolnshire Well Being Show Listings:

We have twelve new Community Members to confirm and plenty of interest in the show. Will have a 100+ Community Members attending – What a way to end this years Well Being Shows

We have chosen to follow the demands of our Visitors and will have a child’s play area with, face painting and lots of things to keep them occupied. This should increase the Visitor numbers over the weekend. We are promoting NOW and have already started to deliver some of the 20000 flyers we have had printed. No, let up, just relentless marketing of the Lincolnshire Well Being Show.

See You Soon

Lincoln – Landing Page
3 – 4 November
Epic Centre
Lincolnshire Show Ground

100+ Community Members Attending
40 Superb FREE Talks

Live Stage Demonstrations

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Attending Community List as of September 14th

Alchemy Products
Ancient Chinese Arts
Aura Fusion
Aura Soma
Barrie John
Brigitte Rix
Campbell Wallace
Carolyn Creel Author & Intuitive Coach
Central Wellness Yoga Studio
Claryn Nicholas Health Coach
Counselling with Cartouche
Crystal Carols
Elemental Balance
Elizabeth Stead
Emma Gowshall
Emporer Training Solutions Ltd
Ethically Gifted
Feel Better Fast
Gill Moore Spiritual Healing
Glennis Martin
Health, Wealth & Happiness
Heather Wood
Hermit Lodge
India Jo
Inner light Hypnosis
Jane Osborne
Janie Psychic
Jill Fraser
Journey Into Wholeness
Moonlit Pathways
Mystic Christine
Native American Traditions
New Horizons
P & G Underwood
Pink Moods
Positive Resonance
Pure Holistics
Rick Paul
Sams Rings N Things
Sanctuary Reflexology
Shirley Ann
Simon Goodfellow
SJ Therapies
Soul Sisters
Sutton Healing Centre
Tanyas Flawless Health and Beauty Academy
The Sean Barkes Clinic
Tropic With Vic
Woodland Trust

Talks List – To Be Announced

This show is guaranteed to attract many Visitors. The combination of Well Being – Spirit and Well Being – Body is bound to appeal to a wide range of people.

The concept is simply explained, The LizianEvents Community has grown to over one hundred and twenty members. Some are involved in aspects of spiritual awareness, and others are directed toward physical health.

Many potential Community Members approach us with their propositions. Yoga, vegan and vegetarian safe products, fitness, food supplements, specialist cosmetics, are six examples. In truth, many have been reticent to join The Community because of a suspicion the two aspects Well Being – Spirit and Well Being – Body would not work well together. The Epic Centre’s flexibility allows LizianEvents to overcome this constraint. This purpose-built exhibition venue, with ample facilities and unlimited parking, is ideal for our purpose. We know the exciting mix of Community Members and this superb venue has a unique appeal to a wide spectrum of Visitors.

We have interviewed and spoken to hundreds of Visitors during our shows, and the enthusiasm for the concept is remarkable. Of course, there will be some whose main focus is in either Spirit or Body. Although, it is a safe bet most who attend to the show will not miss the opportunity to explore both aspects of the event.

The talks and workshop list is diverse, fresh and interesting. There is certain to be something for every Visitor: The Epic Centre has facilities for us to provide up to 40 talks: the show is growing in size, stature and recognition. Visitors will find the show to be vibrant and worthy of a weekend’s visit.

Lincoln Landing Page
Information Landing Page


  1. I was pleased to see the children’s play area. The shows need to be dynamic, trying different things, adopting things that work, and dropping those that don’t. I liked the “rest table” idea trialled at the last one.

  2. We can feel the ‘brain storming’ and open mindedness absorbing then applying Visitors’ suggestions, resulting in even more interesting facets to the kaleidoscope of this new Lizian Event!

    Liz & Ian could have the motto: ‘The listening organisers’!
    I am delighted Nov.Lincoln Show will be offering an even more plentiful ‘banquet’ of very diverse & tempting products, interesting & helpful activities, and enlightening talks, to help improve and feed both Body and Mind/Spirit , thus re.energising Visitors ‘ Well Being.

    Moreover I believe the Epic Centre also has a LIFT to the first floor and its Talk rooms. Yippee! Anyone can attend our fascinating & enlightening TALKS! (Spread the word 🙂

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