Visitors love The Community’s Well Being Shows. The number of attendees is growing. Many people return for every show, and there are new faces at every event.

The Community is growing in recognition, they are like the moon, changing the tides of Well Being Events.

You see, our connections are growing. As weeks pass we see people joining our Lizian FaceBook Group. And the group page is active, with Visitors and Community Members beginning to share their thoughts, ideas, beliefs, businesses on the page.

This unification takes time, nothing of substance ‘just appears’ overnight. It takes months and months of effort. Some hurdles we’ll overcome, and many will stop the progress until we find another way. Our events are a reflection of life itself.  We are a community, and a community gathers together for a common purpose, and the unification strengthens the mission. And as the objective is more understood, more people become aligned with The Community.

Our Community connects to share their ‘way’ when a Visitors purchases an ethically sourced product from Kirstie Wood they are buying an ethos. If you buy a beautiful handmade item from Jess at Wilderness Holistics you are buying an ethos, a lifestyle and statement. Purchase an item of jewellery from Marion the owner of Seraphina and you are buying an item selected by Marion in Brazil: this is special, very special indeed. Buy a necklace or bracelet from Elizabeth Stead, and you’ll purchase an item made to the highest of standards at a reasonable price, which will last a lifetime. 

Visitors are guided to consider:

The Community embellishes the ethos of The Well Being Shows. It is incredible how the people who become part of The Community grow with it and become part of it: and those who cannot fit: gracefully leave: In this way OUR shows evolve and become an event of special significance. We have a long way to go: and this is the way of new ideas and concepts.

Maybe you see that others have the idea of wellbeing and family. Our future goes beyond statements and ‘band-wagons’. Our strength and influence is gain from the connected ideas of many people from different ‘places’.

I was asked: Why don’t you have professional health carers at your events. Well, the question is: is a professional in need of our events? My comment is: Yes! If they are open-minded and can see beyond the old images of mbs events. You see to my mind; our work is not about a SHOWCASE of local professional health practitioners, it is about the awareness of their  skills and abilities although the  option is there if they wish to 

Our Well Being Shows are events which are becoming a weekend of enjoyment and exchange of ideas. As the footfall or numbers of visitors and Community Members grows, we will be seen like as a central source of Well Being information, wisdom and knowledge.

Think about this carefully: If you visit a place of beauty, you walk around it, you take your time to talk and learn about the history. When you visit our Well Being Shows you visit the healers, therapists, spiritual councillors and retailers. And you will attend talks and workshops. These are theatres of knowledge, wisdom and seeds of new ideas. 

 Enjoy a Spiritual Consultation with Shirley Ann, Rick Paul or Glenys Martin and the visitor will enjoy tens of years of experience and wisdom: If you talk to Philip or Glenys Underwood about NLP or accredited training, you’ll receive clear and intelligent information. Try a therapy or healing session with Tamra and Paul of Tampara, or Sanctuary Reflexology the feeling afterwards is just fantastic.

The purpose of our Well Being Shows is to discover ways of becoming a Well Being. Whether the need is to buy a particular item, enjoy a talk or workshop, settle one’s emotions or enjoy a new spiritual idea. Our Well Being Shows will fulfil all of these expectations and provide a great day or superb weekend of Well Being Happiness.

Never Forget:

Our Community is a group of incredible people who work together for the Well Being of Visitors. The Community understands the wisdom of balance and sharing. The Community’s growth is an indication of the ethos and purpose of The Well Being Shows. With a growing number of Visitors ‘show on show’ – there is little doubt will see a continuous evolution of the events.

See You There

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  1. Definitely come and see me at the shows I love talking, I love talking about my work and the work of all the great members of the community the organisation everything to do with becoming a well-being. Come along to the next event and see what we all do.

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