News from this week:

Liz and Jon travelled to Lincoln twice this week: They covered outlying areas to a radius of ten miles and visited sixty-six outlets delivering over 3000 flyers. We ordered 22500 flyers, and the box is nearly empty. With only five weeks to go before the event, it is possible another order will need to be made.

Last of The Flyers - LizianEvents
Last of The Flyers – LizianEvents

It is important to remind readers we are now visiting Lincoln, Newark and Nottingham areas once and sometimes twice a week, every week throughout of the year. If there is a holiday looming, we’ll visit the area twice during the preceding week.

Moving on: there is a great response from last weeks Sunday Editorial with twenty-eight direct shares, and goodness knows how many organic shares and likes. The Community’s support for our work is fantastic, thank you.

John Richardson and Darren Stanton are presenting workshops at the Lincolnshire Well Being Show. Both are destined to become remembered by all who attend. John is giving a special two-hour weight-loss program which will appeal to many people. 

Darren’s seminar is one to be considered. He is presenting his useful “Two Advantages” seminar which is sought after by PLC management, national institutions, peers of industry, educational establishments, government departments, and media groups. You can read about this workshop/seminar in tomorrows article.

Dave Harper enjoyed a fantastic response from his two articles on Thursday and Friday. The Thursday article ☞“Promotion” has been read and listened to over 240 times. If there is doubt about the effectiveness of LEN Dave’s article proves the point.

We released a short Community Video this week: “Sixty Seconds Community” Members and Visitors from the Newark Well Being Show. There are three interviews this week on LEN: We will be listening to Debbie Thorpe, Glenys Martin and Jane Osbourne. Again we will continue to utilise both video and audio promotions as part of gaining awareness for our work and objectives.


Liz Clark’s video ‘Promote for Success’ has been viewed ninety-six times over the last month. We are pleased with the number of views of an important message. It is reposted in this article for those who have not see it: have a look-see there is plenty to learn about our promotional work and how to advantage yourself on social media.


To round up:

Progress is taking momentum for the Well Being Shows, Visitor interaction and new Community Members. It is interesting we are now gaining interest from older and established people who wish to become part of The Community. This recognition is a good indication of the way The Well Being Shows are perceived and the changing attitude toward our relentless promotions of The Well Being Shows.

Many Thanks to all of you for your continued and growing support.

Have a prosperous and happy week:

See You Soon

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  1. Excellent, clear & simple guidelines Liz& Ian and Jon!
    You dedicating your life 24/7 to promoting our Community events on line AND printing & delivering THOUSANDS of leaflets, in all weathers, several times a year… surely deserves that US the Members, face OUR responsibilities!

    We should ALL support & promote one another, not just ourselves.
    SHARING on a different page with comments is so easy!
    And coaxing your FB ‘friends’ to share it too… Thus ATTRACTING more/new Visitors who will look at EACH of OUR individual stands! A Win Win situation 🙂

    Typing fingers ready? I 2 3.. GO! 🙂

    • Accurate and clear assessment Brigitte. We are out 52 weeks of the year. There is no let up in promoting The Well Being Shows. Thank you , for your continued and incredible support Brigitte xxxxxx

    • I agree entirely Brigitte, I have wrote many words myself on it, Lizian can’t do it on their own, you can’t do it on your own, I can’t do it on my own but collectively as a community we can make massive headway but EVERYBODY needs to pitch in, come on ladies and gents we got this.

      • Movement is difficult: Change is difficult: The need to succeed is the key to our work. We will continue to follow the process and momentum will eventually grow and then everyone will want to be part of the success. Ian

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