Today’s article focusses on changes to LEN and Sites. The report may not be of great interest to many readers, however, in the usual method of the organisation: transparency is key to our evolution, we provide the reasons for the changes. If there is a need to comment or offer a differing point of view, email or make a comment at the end of the article.

LEN will be changed carefully over the next two months in preparation for 2019. The potential of the platform on which LEN is built is quite phenomenal. We have only scratched the surface of what is available to us. The observant will see subtle changes over the coming weeks.

Here is an explanation of how this site is created. There are two LEN’s! One is the one that you see the second is a nursery site where ideas are tested. The live site is carefully checked using Google analytics. From Google analytics we see which posts work well and those that do not. I can also see which pages are clicked most often, and therefore I assess the quality and capability of the site.

02.00 Hrs Viewing Begins : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
At 02.00 Hrs Viewing Begins

For example:

A page was designed for this site some weeks ago which was titled ‘Community Members’. On the page was listed 40 Community Members and the links were directed to the Community Members sites. Google analytics revealed the page had been accessed on four occasions. Therefore, it seems to be an immense amount of effort to produce with little return. Many hours of work are needed to build and service this page. After reviewing the test results, the page was made dormant and I waited for comments. None were received, and with no feedback from the changes, the page now lays dormant for another time.

The ‘Community Members List’ is replaced with a more useful ‘bar’ titled ‘Previous Articles’ this bar has the six most visited categories for Visitors to look through. Now, addition is proven to be a real winner, with many visits each week. Visitors seem to enjoy delving deep into the archives of the site: therefore, it will stay.

An additional search box is now live on the sidebar of the article pages. The Visitor can enter into the whole of this site, using search names. There are over 560 different articles available here on LEN. (We will hit 600 at the end of the year and Claire Hegarty is writing this landmark article).

Below this is a video bar, and this is also proving to be extremely productive. John Richardson’s latest video has attracted over one hundred Visitors. Incidentally, John informs me he has already made sales of his course form this fast and short video format. This video bar is also here to stay and as more videos are produced the ‘Video Wall’ will prove to be an attractive asset.

The lower bar which contains 16 of the most prolific sharers also receives a few if any clicks to the relevant websites hiding behind the images. Our LizianShop gets a reasonable amount of clicks however I cannot be satisfied if the clicks are there because of people wanting to connect to the LizianShop.

Google Analytics : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
Google Analytics: One Day Viewing

With this in mind, the number of Community Members on the bar may be relevant to shares. It is easy to see like and share numbers on LizianEvents Facebook page and LizianEvents FaceBook Group. I feel it is time to make specific changes over the next week. I will be taking the star sharers number on the bar down to eight. This makes the task of assessing sharers a little better. And, it will also mean that images of the best or greatest sharers will vary each month. It is not designed to be competitive. However, it will mark something which will be available to Community Members early in 2020.

The LizianEvents events dot com site will undergo extensive changes over the coming months. It enjoys good viewing traffic. If you click on the link, you will see the site has achieved over 1000 Facebook likes in less than a year. This is a very promising indication of how we are now perceived. Google analytics shows me the site receives an average of 70 views per day. This number may not seem like a great deal. However, Google analytics also informs us about the sources of the searches, and therefore I can assess that the site is visited by new people with around 25% returning Visitors. The cascade of Visitors to the event calendar indicates many are looking forward to next years events.

02.00 Hrs Viewing Begins : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
LEN Front Page:

So, the future for the two sites is one of continuous development and evolution. The objective to see ten thousand per month on LEN in 2018 will not be achieved. Maybe, it was an objective too far. Will, we hit this figure in 2019? At the present rate of interest, my guess is we will achieve fifteen thousand visitors per month by late 2019 or early 2020.

If you have any questions or suggestions email me from this LINK:

Many thanks for reading this somewhat ‘technical’ article.

See You Soon


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Ian, and explaining behind the scenes multiple goings-on!

    Obviously a lot of comparisons and juggling and computing and flair needed… but I have no doubt that you are the right man for that forward thinking task!

    With you and Liz at the helm, I am looking forward to 2019, 2020 and after! xx

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