Daily Sharer Gill Moore is loved by all who meet her. Eighteen months ago she said that she was determined to work out how to use social media to its best advantage. And goodness how she has succeeded. Gill comments on, and shares not only the organisation’s posts and articles: She posts, comments and shares many of The Community’s articles and posts. You will not meet a more caring person, she has not an unkind word to say about anyone. Gill is open-minded and takes care before making a comment: preferring to gather all information about a problem before making a suggestion.

We all must be grateful to Gill for her hard work and dedication to The Community and Well Being Shows. Never doubt this wonderful lady’s contribution to Visitor numbers.

Thank You Gill

Gill’s Article Published Earlier This Year:

Gill Moore is a wonderful lady. She is never far from those who need a few moments of kindness or words of advice. As you will read: Gill’s spiritual journey is one of many years. She is one of life’s true givers, we can depend on her word and support. You would never hear her utter an unkind or negative word about anyone. Whenever you visit a Well Being Show be sure to spend some time in conversation with this kind an generous healer.

Gill Moore

The changes we make during the journey sometimes leads to other opportunities. For myself, a chance encounter changed my outlook on many levels. When my husband retired, we achieved our ambition to live on the East Coast. I’ve always enjoyed exploring the towns I visit, not only the well-known attractions, but the out of the way places always seem to need investigation. One morning I’d decided to wander the side street’s of Skegness, and I came upon a tiny shop.

I felt drawn to its uniqueness, and once inside, I had entered another world. Most of us have known the feeling when there is an instant liking for a person, situation, place or even an object. In this small shop, I felt a something special, a genuine feeling of happiness and well-being. After some minutes the realisation was sensitive to the energies of crystals.

The conversation with the owner of the shop also had a similar effect, within minutes the feeling was I’d known her for many years. Eventually, she became my mentor, introducing me to ‘Starlight’ in Skegness. It was here I learned about Spiritual Healing and Mediumship. Over the many years, I enjoyed practising ‘Mediumship.’ However, my destiny lay with ‘Spiritual healing.’ Traditional Spiritual Healing is the laying on (or off!) of hands; linking the self-healing ability of the body to the power of God, our ultimate “Healer.”

Healers attune to both the patient and healing energies. The purpose is to benefit one’s health by balancing and harmonising mind, body, and spirit. During a healing session you could feel a gentle warmth, the cooling and soothing of symptoms, light tingling sensations or nothing at all! One thing is likely after the session there will be a deep peace and calm enveloping you. Traditional healing still has a place in this modern world.

Gill Moore : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
Gill Moore

Again we consider how one ‘way’ takes us further. Some time ago I began making teething anklets for young children. Amber is long recognised are beneficial for this painful process of growth. My creations have proven to be popular. Another of my products is a knitted toy which contains crystals; they help older children who are shy, timid or withdrawn. Along the same lines, I produce comfort blankets which safely contain crystals. Again amber is predominant in the choice because of its soothing properties. I welcome spending time with your to discuss your individual needs during the Lincoln Well-Being Show.


My testimonials are a most humbling facet of my work. To my mind, watching a person benefit from the power of spirit is evidence of the existence of unlimited love. It is an honour to have helped hundreds of people over the years. And of course, the many ways I have gained from those who have helped me is wondrous. The love which surrounds us is pure healing energy, all we need to do is harness the healing within its beauty.

Blessings To All

Gill Moore

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  1. What a lovely spiritual lady! Yes, healing is indeed the greatest gift.

    Everybody (people and animals) always benefit from the re.balancing provided by the vibrations of pure Healing energy, as their mind and Energy Body are realigned to & recharged by the fundamental Universal Energy.
    Perhaps it should be compulsory to have daily healing ?! 🙂
    Thank you for your precious work, Gill Moore.

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