The ‘first book – first stand’ aspect of The Well Being Shows ensures new Community Members have a good chance of standing at The Well Being Shows. If Visitors are to be encouraged to return, they must be offered freshness and variety.


As the momentum grows, we will be able to increase the number of Community Members who stand at the events. As we know the interaction between Community Members and Social media is essential for the success of The Well Being Shows. So, even if a Community Member cannot stand, it is still in their interest to share the events. In the same way, we post Community Members information on LizianEvents Group even if they are not booked or standing at the events.


Growth is about awareness. Anyone who wishes to succeed must understand the only way for people to become aware of their work is to push out a continuous stream of information. And this information must flow into as many social media streams as possible.

How is this relevant to the ‘first book – first stand’ aspect of the organisation?

Let us return to the old days of few shows and heavy footfall. In those days it was taken that if you did not book with an organiser for the whole of the year, you would lose your place on their shows. This is a legacy which no longer exists anyone who believes this is the case is not looking at the reality of the situation. There are plenty of events, brilliant, poor, super size and small. 

False Perception:

If you believe a show venue is essential to success, think again, John Richardson, Simon Goodfellow, Kirstie Wood, Brigitte Rix, Carol Wallace, Mel Jones, Paul Reynolds, Tam Butler, Chandu and many more could set up in a tin shed in a middle of a field and their loyal customers and clients would come to work and trade with them. 

The reason is they promote their skills, products, services, therapies and stock BETWEEN shows. They leave the organisation of the event to the organisers, and they do NOT take chances with the promotion. It is no coincidence that they are successful, they work at, and take responsibility for their success.

Our organisation takes responsibility for giving the Visitors a balanced show. All Community Members understand we have genre limits and try to keep a fair balance of stands at each event. I received a complaint that we have twelve ‘readers’ at The Lincolnshire Well Being Show. My answer is “You know this is the allocated number of Spiritual Counsellors at the time of booking. From our years of experience attending shows, where we sometimes saw as many as twenty-five or more Spiritual Counsellors: twelve is a right figure”.


Of course, we have to have accept the extensive list of people wishing to become Spiritual Counsellors during the Well Being Shows: and the ‘first book first stand’ policy: will inevitably result in disappointment. The whole of next years allocation is booked and people waiting to stand as Spiritual Counsellors is immense. This situation does not end with Spiritual Counsellors.

An idea of 2019’s booking situation:

In the new year, Ian will switch-on the new dot com site and the updated LEN site. I am pleased to write that many of the show and talks lists will be available for review on the new sites. Visitors to the sites will see substantial Community attendance lists for every event listed in the coming year. 

It is probable, The Lincolnshire Well Being Shows will enjoy a 120+ Community attendance. Nottingham Well Being Show is fully booked for 2019 and Newark Well Being Show will follow suit. Incidentally, the December 2019 Mind Body Spirit Show will be a full house with many new Community Members attending. This new. And dedicated Mind Body and Spirit Show looks to have a great future: and we look forward to offering Community Members new Mind Body and Spirit venues in 2020.

Great Benefits of the Healthy Booking Situation:

This situation allows for massive and dedicated promotion for the whole of 2019. If you think we worked hard this year: keep an eye on the next twelve months. As more Community Members see the progress and realise the rewards from becoming an active sharer and self-promoter the outlook for 2019 is stellar. We are working toward The Festival of Well Being Event in 2021 and as already mentioned the Event will be worthy of the name festival.

Long Term:

Our plans are long term, and our commitment cannot be questioned. I will continue to build a healthy and robust organisation which will benefit The Community. We will invest in the facilities and equipment required to produce, videos, audio interviews and media promotions. We will always promote Community Members work whether they are attending the shows or not: If you are part of The Community Based Well Being Shows, you are still part of our future. 

So, do not be disappointed if you have been late with your booking form (forms) and the inevitable has happened. I still recommend you apply to stand or become a Community Member: There are new opportunities on the horizon. Keep on being part of your fantastic Community. As the portfolio of events grows, your booking forms will count towards being involved in the new dates. Sharing and staying visible will also count towards being part of the new shows. The potential of The Community and the endless probabilities open to The Community cannot be underestimated. 

The future is made with today’s actions. Do not be disappointed, see the bigger picture and be sure this organisation will offer you new alternatives as the month’s progress. The ‘first book – first stand’ policy has many long-term benefits. It keeps the shows healthy and fresh for Visitors and this will keep them returning. In the long term, the policy allows us to expand the portfolio of events. Stay with us the future will mean you are part of an influential and respected Community.

Thank You for being part of this fantastic and growing force of opportunity.


Liz Clark
M.D LizianEvents Ltd


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