Alice once made the statement: What’s Going To Work? Teamwork! That’s Going To Work! The words of wisdom are written on the first page of my ‘success book’. In less than one month from an announcement to today ( 1st December 2018 ) John Richardson’s new hypnotherapy course is taking off like a jet plane. I spoke to John about the new course at The Lincolnshire Well Being Show:  And after a few minutes, we decided to produce a video.

Of course John is the reason for this success: Do not make any mistake about this article is not riding on one atom of his triumph: However, John posted a comment on his Facebook page which is beneficial to all who are part of The Well Being Community. 

The Post:

John Richardson F-B Post : LizianEvents : Lizian Events
John Richardson Facebook Post

What’s Going To Work? Teamwork! That’s Going To Work!

The evidence is there for you to see. LEN ( LizianEvents News ) has, in John’s opinion a part to play in any Community Member’s promotion. 

I telephoned John about his Facebook post: Read John’s Comment:

“I would recommend anyone to ‘get on board’. The influence of the LizianEvents organisation is taking hold. Some people could not see the potential of what is on offer here, and now it seems many are opening their eyes. I have used LizianEvents News right from the first show. My video’s, written and audio interviews have heightened people’s awareness of my work. It is my opinion that the video recorded at The Lincolnshire Well Being Show has influenced the people who have signed up for my new hypnotherapy course.”

He Continues:

“To succeed at the shows, you have to work between the shows. There is no way we can hope to find immediate success, just by turning up and hoping for the best. LizianEvents News ( LEN ) is the connection that makes the difference. In the long-term, anyone associated with this organisation AND takes advantage of what is on offer will expect success. No, it is not easy to make people aware of our work or therapies. But, we can take advantage of the promotion offered by LizianEvents. What they do IS unique and groundbreaking”.

The Community must see we have the facilities and ability to produce good quality promotional material which they can use to their advantage. They become visible 365 days a year when they become part of The Community. Our organisation gives those who wish to use the facilities and undeniable strength.

See You Soon

What’s Going To Work? Teamwork! That’s Going To Work!

John’s Original Article:

One of our most active Community Members is John Richardson: During The Lincolnshire Well Being Show he spoke to us about his new modular hypnosis course:


John can be spoken at many of the shows around the country which he attends. He is a fascinating man who has many different assets available to those who wish to seek his help.

I first met John some years ago when he was working as a spiritual healer and medium. The fascinating thing about this first meeting was that John informs me that he combines his spiritual knowledge and wisdom with formal psychological training.

This has proven to be a popular and unique method of working. As many will know, I choose to call those who were named as mediums or psychics: spiritual healers. I feel the world has moved on from the old days of old lady is being visited in kitchens by those seeking messages from the dead.

I offer John this opinion, and he wholeheartedly agreed. We continued conversation talking about different aspects of spiritual healing, and one of my favourite subjects clinical hypnosis. Over the years I have met many people who are involved with hypnosis and a few shine in my mind as exemplary ambassadors of this ancient art. John is one of these individuals.

It is recognised that the Egyptian priest used hypnosis. I mention this to John, and he agreed. He cited the fact that anaesthesia has been used with excellent results has a pain block in dentistry and surgery. He suggested that the Egyptians what also have used hypnosis in their surgical techniques. There is evidence that the Egyptians practised trepanning a method where a small hole is drilled in the school to relieve pressure on the brain. Mummies have examined with trepanning holes at the back of their skull.

John suggests that the ancient arts all Worth investigating and studying. Not only was there a considerable amount of mysticism involved in the Egyptian Society, but there is also evidence to suggest they practised Advanced medical techniques.

John has taken on board a new asset to his work as a trainer of modern hypnosis. He is acknowledged as a superb clinical hypnotist. Indeed, his busy clinic in Yorkshire has meant that he has had to change his itinerary. The focus is now more on his clinical work than his investigations and explorations into other avenues of this wonderful.

For example, John has perfected specific well known clinical hypnosis techniques to the degree that they work faster and better than the original concept. During the Lincs well-being show, John demonstrated at a workshop that people could be taught to use the gastric hip no band technique in 2 1/2 hours. I spoke to one of the people who attended the workshop, and she informed me that John’s method of teaching the method before working through using the technique was fantastic.

She commented that John seems to have the most incredible empathy with everybody who was in the room. Furthermore, she said that John had an uncanny way of focusing upon areas which individual attendees should be focused upon.

I spoke to John about this last week; and He said it’s down to experience Ian, my busy clinic and the number of clients I now see each week means that my knowledge and insight has extended to a degree where I can isolate the areas which need working on more quickly than in the past.

During this conversation, John also spoke about his new venture which is training people in the art of hypnosis. The video is quite exclamatory however it will be worth contacting John regarding the nuances of the course itself. What I particularly like the concept of the course is modular, and of course, John’s idea of meetups fits precisely within the lazy events ethos.

I would recommend anybody who meets John during the events to speak to him in-depth about situations they feel in which he could help. It is evident to all who see John at shows that he is an ever popular and exciting man. Those who know him well, soon learn that he is continually Learning and seeking new and different ways to enhance his work.

Contact John Richardson from the links below.


Many thanks.

See You Soon

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