Not the first day of the month of December! We are somewhat late with our Astrological Chart. Many Apologies: Jenn & Paul Astrologers have worked out an astrological chart for our readers.


It is a very interesting chart and bodes well for the Holiday season. We are impressed with Jenn and Pauls Astrological predictions for November. So much so: The comments made after reading the November chart are republished in this article. The observations make interesting reading and can be acknowledged as fulfilling their promise.

Divine Liviti Astrology - December 2018
Divine Liviti Astrology – December 2018

Comments made about the NOVEMBER CHART:

It is an important chart for The Well Being Show: As it indicates the opportunities offered by developing our spiritual beliefs. What could be a better sign as to the future of The Community’s events? I was talking to a customer in Nottingham last week and she commented on how far The Community have taken the shows. Of course, Sharon is right, The Well Being Shows are thriving. Jenn and Pauls Astrology chart indicate the reasons why this is happening.

This chart guides us to one of the reasons why The Community’s efforts are making headways. It is indeed time to look back at the choices made over the last few months: The Community has over the last months given itself permission to work together: The Community has realised they are the reason to work toward the success of their Well Being Shows. The statement “For the next twelve months Jupiter is at home bringing a sense of optimism, goodwill and generosity” could not express the ‘vibes’ Visitors like Sharon feel for The Well Being Shows.

For those of you who desire a monthly chart personally written by Jenn & Paul contact them from the link at the end of the article. They are amazing astrologers, bringing a fresh and modern approach to this ancient and respected method of awareness. An astrological chart is like an x-ray of one’s spirit, soul and destiny why not have a chart interpreted by Jenn & Paul?


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