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A short article today.

Ian and I are pleased with the increase in views here on LEN. The addition of new and diverse articles achieved the desired effect of attracting more people to the site. And while the centre of attention is on Visitors to The Well Being Shows, it makes sense to attract readers from all avenues of interest.

One of the articles published is about De-Cluttering and Laura Williams received plenty of interest in her work and a sales lead. Laura feels she will contribute other articles during 2019.

I am encouraged by the growing numbers viewing our Instagram feed. It is early days and as we know, building a large following takes an immense amount of time. Remember, it is not finding new ideas which is the difficulty. It is actioning them which takes dedication and commitment. 

Many people discover one or two articles a month will have little effect. The only way to gain followers is to post and re-post day in and day out. The reach is like the ripples in a pond, only when they make contact with the bank do we see how powerful are the waves.

Repetition is hard taskmaster: because there are times we feel the effort is not making headways. It is easy to give up or follow a different direction. One has to be firm-minded and stay on track. Every action will have a reaction; every word will be read by someone. 

LEN is a platform which is attaining results for those who use it. Laura gained a lead; John Richardson has gained students, Simon makes sales for his cards, Alan has been approached for workshops, Community Members join the organisation. Yes, people who use LEN will gain from the endeavours to produce the daily news.

One of my favourite aspects is the top bar ticker-tape which indicates the ‘Trending Posts’. It is a real-time indicator of posts being read. It seems incredible that people delve into the archives and read an article which can be a year or more old. More important is this message for contributors to LEN: Your articles are alive and well and continue to be read. This is an excellent reason to consider writing a submission. 

Ian tells me there are many different articles scheduled for the coming weeks. Audio interviews and submissions for around the World. My thoughts are that the more diversity, the greater the appeal for new Visitors. I have seen the nursery site with the subtle changes to the front page of LEN. Changes will encourage new people to the site. Diversity encourages Visitors to The Shows. We should consider the fact LEN is the image of our organisation and showcases The Community who make the shows work.

There are only a few weeks before the first Well Being Show of 2019. It is fully booked, and the interest is as expected. Jon and I will begin the push of promotion from next week onward. And after a short break in early January be assured of a year of relentless promotion. 

Expect to see new dates and shows being announced for 2020. Ian and I are looking forward to the years ahead, and you can be sure we are working on the Shows of Tomorrow – Today.

Thank You


Liz Clark 


  1. Thank you for all of your efforts I totally believe in your ethos and hope over the coming months and years that many more subscribe to it, sharing is indeed caring. I love interacting on this forum and at the shows I cannot wait for the new season to begin. I look forward to seeing you all at Trowell. Seasons greetings from Rick.

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