Well Done Rick Paul

Rick Paul has attained the number one most read article on LEN. Not only this he is also at number three spot — a great achievement for this dedicated man. He is also the number one top sharer of LEN articles. The trio of Instagram, Twitter and FaceBook are Ricks domain. He has taken the art of sharing and promotion to the highest level.

He may not be aware of the time scale of the internet. Most think the items shared and commented on are lost in cyberspace. How wrong they are, everything posted tapped and imaged is recorded forever. And Rick’s contribution, dedication and faith in our work is evident to all read his comments about the shows.

This effort cannot go unrewarded: 

Therefore, Rick will have a front page link on LizianEvents News. The link will take the reader to The Rick Paul Page. This page will contain links to all of his posts, all video and audio media recorded during the Well Being Shows. It will also have forthcoming events and contact information.

His page will be live on Monday the 14th of January:

Well Done Rick Paul! You are a star in the making. There can be little doubt your efforts and dedication to promotion will bring the allocates you desire. You fully understand the journey to success is one of hard work and unwavering commitment. You have both of these assets in bucketloads. I am sure the whole Community and Visitors who know you will celebrate your present and future success.

Three Others:

Three other sharers will also have personal links to profile, articles and website information. This trio will be announced during 14th to 19th of this month.

See You Soon

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  1. Wow I am stunned, the thing is I wholeheartedly believe if we all get behind this it will benefit everybody, the community the clients, customers and the organisers. We each do our little bit and it helps those people that come into contact with us all take a step closer to becoming a well-being. Loads of love and bright blessings to you all and thank you for all the support and kind words written about me it is very much appreciated.

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