Today we have a superb article based on Numerology written by Joylina Goodings. Joylina has many years of expertise in this complex and fascinating field of wisdom. I’m sure you’ll find something which resonates when reading the article:

Many thanks Joylina for this contribution:

Happy New Year to one and all.  As we enter 2019 many of us will be wondering what this year holds for us.

Numerologically 2019 is a 3 year and as such will give us many opportunities to create new things and the life we want. Three is all about communication and creativity. Communication with others will be important to take the trouble to ensure others actually understand what you mean and have not misinterpreted you. However, communication with self will be more important, because understanding yourself and your needs allow you to communicate at a deeper level with all those around you

After having spent so much time putting others needs before your own this year is time to ask yourself what you want, are you happy, what are your needs?  Only you are responsible for identifying and making sure your needs are met. It will also be a year of pragmatism, you will not only be able to identify your needs you will be very pragmatic is how you arrange for them to be met. You will need to stretch out of your comfort zone and create new ways of being to ensure your overall and long-term happiness.

So far this may sound as if you are going to have to be extremely selfish this year. Focussing on yourself and your own happiness, after all, you do have a right to be happy.  At the same time, three is about friendship, kindness and generosity. Therefore “doing unto others as you would be done by” is also a good maxim for this year. Giving generously of your love and friendship with no thought or reward or reciprocation will bring you to a place of receiving those gifts as well. Let go of judgement and what you feel may be “right” or “wrong” and don’t allow yourself to hear others as judging you. You are a divine being who has chosen a human lifetime and as such you are “good enough” as you learn and grow every day.

Three is a very positive number and is often considered to be sacred because it is also the symbol of the Trinity (out of two comes three and something new), this means you and become everything you want to be both as a person and within your career and personal relationships. Three inspires and encourages us to expand our horizons, to be generous to ourselves and others and to step into our personal power. Three motivates us all and gives us the strength to overcome our challenges, to fight abuse in all its forms. This means that opportunities will abound this year and all we have to do is grab them and make the most of them we can. This applies to all Life Path Numbers.

As we in Britain prepare to come out of Europe these energies are going to be most opportune to ensure we move forward into a new and bright future.

On the 3rd of March this year we will have a 333 so the energies of 3 are tripled and they also bring to the fore the element of the spiritual. Three offers you choice. The holy trinity is activated in your DNA structure. So 333 offers an opportunity to connect with highly evolved spiritual beings, ascended masters and angels. The trinity is the holiness within all of your choices. Your body, mind, spirit in agreement with your Soul’s evolution. Within this number, you are not allowed to straddle the razor blade fence of indecision. This will affect us all generally but especially those with a 3 in their life path number.

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Love light and angel wings – Joylina



  1. Awesome I am liking the sound of all of this, never give up is going to be my motto this year, coincidentally my favourite number is 3 and i was born on the 3rd so i think this is all good signs. I look forward to 2019 and this is going to be my year where I desire to inspire.

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