New Year Promotion Begins

Liz and Jon are back out on the promotional trail from this week onward. Community Members can be assured of our total dedication to promoting the Shows and Events. We do not consider promotion as a few days of half-hearted walkabout one week before a show. Evidence suggests a constant attitude of meet and greet is essential to the success of The Community.

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We have chosen to place a few strategic advertisements in newspapers and magazines. Although the preference is the distribution of flyers and posters, we will explore other avenues from time to time.

There is, of course, a concern for the environmental implications of distribution. Over two hundred thousand (YES two hundred thousand) flyers will be printed during 2019. Community Members will be given flyer bundles at the shows, and they should be used to the Members advantage. 

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Consider this idea:

With over one hundred and twenty active Community Members we can achieve phenomenal Visitor awareness. By giving friends and clients the flyers, they learn about the shows. Now, they may not attend the events. However, they may talk to people who have an interest in Well Being. Do not dismiss the idea: It is the ‘ripple in the pond’ effect: the ripple has to hit the bank.

The same goes for sharing on our social pages. LizianEvents News has a share button. You can use it NOW to share this article. Ask yourself why you don’t share articles you enjoy reading? Why don’t you share essays which are written by fellow Community Members? Is there a reason why you do not want to share information about an event you are attending? Is there a reason why you do not wish to succeed?

During an interview, a Visitor mention’s she always shares the daily newsletter. “If my friends read about the shows and your work, they are encouraged to attend the shows. The more people who come to the shows, the more exhibitors attend. I love your events; my sharing is part of your future success. And the more you grow, the more enjoyment experienced during my visit.”

This is a critical viewpoint. Mary is saying: By helping the shows to grow and prosper, she is contributing something she enjoys. Her enlightening reflection is one I’d not considered. It will not be forgotten.

The Community makes the shows work and thrive. We will continue to fulfil our obligation to constant promotion. This is the third year of building the Well Being Shows into a nationally recognised institution. Make no mistake; the intention is to give The Community a strong base to use to their advantage. Footwork, the printing press, social media streams, LEN and LizianEvents dot com are the bricks which will build the monument.  

See You Soon


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